Video Gaming Accessories

Sometimes you need to take your gaming experience the next level and that's where gaming accessories come in. These can include things like steering wheels, chairs or motion sensor bars that follow your body's movement.

ARozzi Monza Racecar Inspired Gaming Chair


ARozzi Monzo is a colourful gaming chair that gives you maximum comfort while playing computer games. Can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Key Features

  • High comfort
  • Ergonomic design
  • Racecar-inspired
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More Information and Detailed Specifications

ARozzi Monza is a stylish gaming chair with ergonomic design that provides comfort for hours. The chair's appearance is inspired by racing car seats with a black design and green hues that is adjustable for various different positions. The synthetic leather material is easy to clean and maintain. With the 360° rotation feature, 5 sturdy nylon wheels and low weight, the seat is also easy to move around.

Ergonomic design:

- Padded seat, backrest and armrests
- 360° rotation feature
- Height adjustable seat with gas spring
- Adjust the seat height from 46-56cm
- Tilting seat that can be adjusted in various positions


- Maximum height: 115-125 cm
- Seat width: 53 cm
- Seat length: 51 cm
- Height backrest: 76 cm
- Specific gravity: 15 kg

Microsoft Kinect Sensor Bar for Xbox One


Kinect sensor for the Xbox One lets you control your games using voice and motion control for both the console and TV or allows you to hold HD video conversations via Skype.

Key Features

  • Motion system with voice and movement
  • HD Camera for Skype
  • Xbox One
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More Information and Detailed Specifications

With the Kinect sensor for the Xbox One you can control your machine and games with voice and movement gestures. Take control of your Xbox One control or TV and make HD video calls via Skype. The system allows you to login in an easy and safe way with biometric identification. You can with Kinect Sensor show off your best game result to both friends and family.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Steering Wheel for Microsoft Xbox One


Ferrari 458 Spider game steering wheel comes with a wide, adjustable and optimized pedal set.

Key Features

  • Red rubber-textured grips, inspired by motor sports
  • 240 degree rotation angle
  • Brake pedal offering progressive resistance
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More Information and Detailed Specifications

This realistic steering wheel looks and feels comfortable thanks to a firm grip. You can rotate the wheel 240° and adjust the sensitivity making the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider XBOX ONE game steering excellent for racing games. The central clamping system ensures that the wheel is stable when you place it on a table or desk.


Two individual adjustable pedals with footrest. The brake levers offering progressive resistance.

Adjustable sensitivity

The steering wheel comes with 4 adjustable presets which ensures accurate driving in all games.

Optimized "Bungee Cord" mechanism

Provides linear resistance regardless of rotation angle for ergonomic and intuitive control.

Central clamping system

provides optimal stability on all writing desks or tables.

Kinect detection LED

Can be paired with Kinect.