Robotic Lawnmowers

Robotic Lawnmowers

The robot mower has been around since the 1990s, but it is only during the last couple of years that demand for these devices has exploded. This is probably because smart robotic mowers have now become extremely affordable that you no longer have to be a multimillionaire to purchase one.

The traditional lawnmower isn't about to go extinct just yet, but there is no doubt that robotic mowers are going to continue to grow in strength and take a major share in the lawnmower market in the coming years. Of course, not all robotic mowers are the same and there is a big difference between models in terms of both performance and functionality. With a well calibrated setup the best robot lawnmowers can do a mighty fine job in cutting your garden lawn, while the poorest models will struggle to find its way home for charging.

Robomow MC 500 Automatic Robotic Lawnmower with Bluetooth


The Robomow MC500 robotic lawn mower is a practical solution to a hectic schedule. Let Robomow do the gardening chores for you. Has Bluetooth and smart security technology.

Key Features

  • Suitable gardens up to 500 square metres
  • Cutting width: 28 cm
  • Free app for smartphone
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Want to spend more time relaxing in the garden and less time mowing the lawn? This robotic lawn mower from Robomow will cut the garden lawn for you.

Suitable gardens up to 500 square metres

The Robomow MC500 is perfect for small gardens up to 500 sqm. It can tackle slopes up to 20° or 36 percent.

Cutting width

With a cutting width of 28cm the Robomow MC500 is an efficient robot that removes lawn mowing from your hectic schedule. It is the one of the few models on the market that cuts the grass right up to the outside wheels. It thus gives good results on both lawns and borders.

Powerful system

Robomow is equipped with powerful DC cutting motor that lets you cut all grass types. It is powered by a 26 V lithium battery and comes with a charging station. The robot automatically returns to the charging station when not in use.

Cutting height adjustment

You can decide how high you want the grass. Robomow has an adjustable cutting height from 15 to 60mm.


Cutting blades will automatically stop when the mower is lifted from the ground or tilted upright. If Robomow meets obstacles during the cutting process it will automatically switch direction. It also has child and PIN protection for extra safety.


You can control robotic mower using a smartphone or tablet. Free app is available to download.