Docking and MP3 Speakers

Docking and MP3 Speakers

Today, many of us store our music on an MP3 player, USB flash drive or computer hard drive. But when we are at home or on vacation, it's nice to enjoy music without headphones with friends, family and loved ones.

This is where compact wireless speaker systems from Altec Lansing, Apple, Creative Labs, Gweilo and others come into their own. They can usually run on batteries or be connected to the main electricity supply. They are all virtually compatible with most major devices, such as the iPod and have a port for direct connection. This also has the advantage that it can charge your iPod while playing all your music tracks. But don't worry if you're not an Apple owner as manufacturers of wireless speaker systems have not forgotten the vast selection MP3 players and come equipped with a mini-jack auxiliary input, and other connections to ensure compatibility.

Sony RDP-X200IPN Bluetooth Docking Station with iOS Lightning Connection


Sony RDP X200iPN is a sleek and compact Bluetooth docking station for iPhone 5 and other iOS devices with Lightning connection.


Key Features

  • Dock your iPod / iPhone via Lightning connection
  • Bluetooth allows for wireless streaming from compatible music players
  • Remote is also included for comfortable navigation
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More Information and Detailed Specifications

Sleek and modern docking station from Sony. RDP X200iPN looks the part, whether it is placed in the kitchen, living room or office. Design with a brushed steel body that gives an elegant impression when your friends come to visit and to share their music.

Excellent sound quality

It has a 2-way stereo system with 1 x 76mm bass / midrange and 1 x 25mm tweeter that delivers 40W output power for good and detailed sound.

Made for iPod / iPhone / iPad

The embedded docking station lets you play all your music from your iPod or iPhone while charging, so you never have to worry about the battery running out during playback.


Bluetooth increases user friendliness as other music players, tablets, PCs and smartphones with integrated Bluetooth can be connected up to the docking station. Perfect for use with several music players in the house or during the party when more people want to play their very own music selection.

Docking Station with Lightning connection

Play music and videos from your iPhone 5 or iPad / iPod with Lightning connection while charging.

Remote is included for convenient navigation in the distance.

Included in the box

Power supply
Startup Manual


25 mm (diameter)


LED function display
Power consumption 60W


Approx. 356 X 168.1 X 155.8 mm


Approx. 2.2 kg


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Stereo speaker
Output Power: 20 W + 20 W
Column diameter: 76 mm
Speaker impedance: 4 Ohms
Mega Bass
Volume control


Apple iPod | Apple iPhone | Apple iPad
Apple iPhone 5

JBL OnBeat Docking Station with AUX-input for MP3 Players (Black)


JBL OnBeat is a dock for the iPod, iPhone and iPad with high quality sound and user functions.


Key Features

  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • AUX-input for other MP3 players
  • Quality sound for your enjoyment
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More Information and Detailed Specifications

OnBeat is the first of JBL docking speaker that delivers realistic sound reproduction in high quality from your iPod, iPhone or iPad.


With the universal connector you can rotate the iPod and iPhone screen to portrait or landscape to get the best video display.


JBL OnBeat docking speaker comes with dual Phoenix transducers with computer-optimized DSP equalization which provides a very detailed sound. JBL docking speaker comes with 7.5W audio power that fills the room either playing songs or videos from your device.

IR Control

Infrared remote control lets you control the system functions and music navigation from across the room. It also allows charging of the device when it is placed in the docking speaker.

TV viewing

The optional composite cable allows the JBL docking speaker send video content to the TV, so everyone can follow along. (Cable not included in the package).

AUX Input

Connect to other portable devices such as MP3 players and PCs with AUX cable. (Cable not included in the package).

USB port

Syncing your iOS device with iTunes (cable not included). You have the option to download the associated applications such as alarm clock, browser for music and EQ interface from the iTunes store.

NB! iPhone/iPad not included!

Included in the package

- Remote control with battery
- Power supply and power cord
- Clip-on adapter for iPad, iPod and iPhone

Geneva Model M HiFi Docking Station with Universal Dock for iPod and iPhone

Geneva Model

Geneva Model M HiFi Docking Station (30 pin) provides clear and powerful sound from 2 pc full range speakers and 2 tweeters packaged in a stylish wooden cabinet.

Product Code: Model M Black

Key Features 

  • 100 W RMS output power
  • Universal Dock for iPod / iPhone
  • 6 preset digital radio stations
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More Information and Detailed Specifications

Geneva Model M Hi-Fi docking station is a compact yet powerful speaker system with universal iPod / iPhone dock. The docking station comes with a minimalist, Swiss design and is handcrafted with sleek lines and stylish walnut color. The sound quality is ensured with 2 x 4" speakers and 2 1" tweeters for smooth mids and clear highs. Each speaker is positioned individually and has its own Class D 25W amplifier with a total RMS power output of 100W.

Key Features

- 2 x 4" Fulton elements and 2 1" tweeters
- 2 x bass ports
- 4 x Class D high-fidelity digital amplifier with a total RMS power output of 100 W
- Bass and treble control
- Digital radio with 6 preset radio stations
- LED screen that displays, time, volume, mode, track, or frequency
- Universal dock for iPod / iPhone
- 3.5 mm port for connection to an external audio source
- Remote control

Compatible with these iPod / iPhone models

- IPod Touch 1.gen /2.gen
- IPod Classic
- IPod Nano 3.Gen / 4.gen
- IPod 4.gen / 5.gen
- IPhone / iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S

Can also be used with the iPhone 5 with an adapter, which must be purchased separately. (There are various types, including airplay) for example.

Audio Pro Allrooms Air One Active Speaker with Direct Link to AirPlay Devices (Red)

Audio Pro

An active and Wireless AirPlay Speaker form Audio Pro. Stream music from iTunes to Allrooms Air One speaker over your home network.

Product Code: Allroom AIR ONE

Key Features

  • Active AirPlay Speaker in a tough design
  • 100W (25W x 4) output delivers good sound when you want it
  • Direct Link creates a closed network between the speaker and the AirPlay device.
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More Information and Detailed Specifications 


Allrooms Air One is a wireless and active speaker from Audio Pro. The compact enclosure is clad in leather with coarse stitches in the margin that provides a tough detail. Place the speaker wherever you want to enjoy your digital music directly from your PC.

4 x 25W amplifier

With its four speaker drivers each powered by a class-D amplifier with the help of sophisticated digital signal processing, supplying Air One with detailed sound.


Apple's AirPlay technology allows you to stream uncompressed audio files from iTunes to your Allrooms Air One speaker. You can also stream music wirelessly over your local network, from your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Direct Link

This smart feature allows you to play stored music albums and music stored in the cloud (set offline) without the need for a wireless network. Allrooms Air One creates its own wireless network between the speaker and the sender, so you can stream music directly to the speaker.

Audio Pro iOS app

Download the dedicated Audio Pro free app from the App Store, and you will have a much easier installation process.

DLNA support

Allrooms Audio Pro also supports DLNA. Via DLNA can you stream music stored on Android devices or via Windows Play. Note May require software from a third party.

Allrooms Air One also comes with several connectivity options

Digital optical (TOS-Link) input for connecting to the TV.
3.5mm AUX input for connecting multiple music players.
Subwoofer output if you want a little heavier bass along with your Air One.
USB connectivity for iOS devices that allows you to charge your device while playing music.

Included in the package

Remote Control
User Manual
Power Supply

Marshall Stanmore Speaker with Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX Codec (Black)


Compact speaker that delivers clean, clear sound even at high volume. Marshall Stanmore speaker provides multiple connectivity options and the ability to stream via Bluetooth.

Product Code: 00152925

Key Features

  • Compact Speaker from Marshall
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec
  • Optical input and RCA input
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More Information and Detailed Specifications

Despite its compact design the Marshall Stanmore speaker impress you with great clarity.

Details of classic Marshall design

Stanmore is made ​​with the classic Marshall design with vintage finish on the front, gold-colored metal details and iconic Marshall logo.

Wireless streaming via Bluetooth 4.0

Streaming music wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth 4.0 is backwards compatible with all other Bluetooth versions. By incorporating aptX audio codec for the next generation of Bluetooth products, developers can offer users quality sound not unlike wired sound quality with impressive dynamic range.


Use RCA input for connecting your turntable or connect your mobile phone to the speaker via 3.5mm input. Stanmore is also compatible with devices that have optical output, such as an Apple TV.

Amethyst iPig Bluetooth Speaker with 3.5mm Minijack (Pink)

Amethysts iPig Bluetooth speaker gives you better sound when listening to music from your compatible MP3 players and smart phones.

Product Code: BTI-PinkEU

Key Features

  • Funny Bluetooth Speaker
  • 2.1 speaker system that delivers 25 watts RMS
  • Connect with other music players via 3.5 mm minijack cable
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More Information and Detailed Specifications 

Do not be fooled by the misleading size of Amethysts iPig Bluetooth speaker. Thiss little chap has a 2.1 speaker system that delivers 25 watts from four speakers and a dedicated subwoofer.


iPig now has Bluetooth so that you can now enjoy wireless streaming of music from compatible media player or smart phone.

3.5mm AUX input

Lets you connect to music players phones and other MP3 players for a more flexible music selection. Give your friends the chance to put on their favorites among your own.

Touch-sensitive volume buttons

iPig "ears" are the volume controls. Simple touch-sensitive buttons that allow you to easily find the sound level you find most pleasing.

Whether you have your music stored on a PC, mobile phone or tablet, you now have the opportunity to get a little better sound quality than via the unit's built-in speakers.

Included in the package

- Power supply