Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning

Modern household vacuums are designed with powerful suction, low power consumption and robust designs which ensure they will clean your home from top to bottom for years to come.

Manufacturers are constantly adding new models to their product range, which can live up to the demanding challenges in the home and industrial cleaning industry. Virtually all modern vacuum cleaners provide outstanding performance, practical features and easy emptying to make your life easier.

Karcher WV 70 Plus Wireless Window Cleaner

The Karcher WV 70 Plus is the perfect solution for your windows! It provides cleaning and suction of fluid from glass tables, mirrors, shower and outdoor windows etc..

Key Features

  • Can be used wirelessly in 20 minutes
  • Easy cleaning
  • Perfect results
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With the Window Vac you can avoid dripping of dirty water, which means less mess than a traditional squeegee. This in turn provides a streak-free result. The tank holds 100 ml.


Battery operation provides high flexibility and the window cleaner can be used for 20 minutes on a fully charged battery.


Suitable for various types of surfaces such as windows, tiles, mirrors, shower and other smooth surfaces.

The following accessories are included:

- Spray bottle with microfibre cloth
- Cleaning Concentrate 1x20 ml
- Battery charger
- Lithium Battery

Karcher SC3 Steam Cleaner


This steam cleaner from Karcher can clean your home from top to bottom without the use of chemicals.

Key Features

  • Effective cleaning without chemicals
  • Floor nozzle included
  • Cable length: 4 meters
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The Kärcher SC3 Premium is a portable steam cleaner that thoroughly cleans your home without the use of harsh detergents and chemicals. A practical floor nozzle is included in the package.

3.5 bar of pressure

This effective steam cleaner uses steam with 3.5 bar of pressure to clean surfaces and kill bacteria.

Water tank

This machine has a water tank of 1 liter. You can refill the water tank at any time without stopping the cleaning process. It takes only 30 seconds before the steam is ready.

Practical use

The cable has a length of 4 meters so you can clean large parts of your home without having to switch socket.

Floor nozzle

A practical floor nozzle with microfibre cloth is included in the package. Clean hard floors and achieve a perfect, hygienic result.


This steam cleaner has a automatic descaling function, meaning a longer product life and continuous good results when cleaning.