Radio Controlled Drones

Radio Controlled Drones

Thanks to falling prices, radio controlled drones have become immensely popular in the last few years. These flying devices are not just great for fun purposes but are also used for photography, land surveying and will one day be used to deliver packages.

You can buy models that are small enough to fit in your palm that are great for inside and garden use to larger models with multiple propellers that can fly hundreds of metres into the air taking stunning video footage with their built-in camera. Some come equipped with high-definition cameras, while others allow you to fit a camera of your choice.

Most of the larger drones can be flown for up to 20 to 30 minutes before the battery needs recharging or replacing with a spare. You can basically fly radio controlled drones in non-populated areas where it doesn't endanger the general public or flying aircrafts. Many of the more expensive drones have have a built-in feature that prevents them from being flown close to airports for added safety.

3DR Solo Aerial Drone with GoPro Camera Compatibility


This brand-new and advanced 3DR Solo drone makes it easy to capture professional videos and photos. Simply attach your GoPro camera to the drone and start taking stunning shots. 3DR Solo has many smart features, including HD video streaming over WiFi.

Key Features

  • Compatible with GoPro cameras
  • WiFi video streaming
  • Smart features
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Meet a supersmart drone! The 3DR Solo quadcopter is ready to be paired up with your GoPro action camera so you can shoot professional-looking videos and photos in bird's eye view. Thanks to the powerful CPU, the 3DR Solo able to fly smoothly with optimal stability. You can use several smart features to create movies, exactly as you want them.

Mount for GoPro cameras

3DR Solo comes with an attachment for your GoPro action camera which means you can easily attach your camera and start taking shots within minutes.


The intuitive controls are inspired by computer gamers, which means that the drone can fly with unprecedented precision, even when in the hands of beginners. The colour display and remote control displays the menu and live distance measurement. Unique features, including a pause button that allows the drone to hover immediately, and automatic take-off and landing.

Video streaming

Built in WiFi allows you to send video directly from the GoPro camera to a smartphone or tablet.

Smart Shot

It's never been easier to record cinematic video. With a single keystroke, you can get the drone to take 360 ​​degree circle image of a single object. You can also take high-flying selfies.

Follow Me

You can make the drone follow you while you are walking, so the focus is always on you.

Other features:

- Integrated CPU (1 GHz)
- 5200 mAh Li-pol battery with LED indicator
- Up to 25 minutes flying time when the drone is equipped with accessories
- Up to 20 minutes flying time with gimbal and GoPro mount (not included)
- Maximum speed 88 km / h
- Maximum speed during ascent and descent at stationary use: 10 m / s
- Maximum speed during ascent and descent by motion: 5 m / s
- Max height above ground: 122 meters
- Secure 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity
- WiFi range up to 800 meters (without obstacles)
- Bottom mount LED lighting for positioning
- Micro HDMI output on controls

GoPro compatibility

GoPro HERO 3, 3+ and 4

System mobile app

Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.0+

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone with 4K UHD Camera


Record impressive aerial shots with this professional drone. DJI Phantom 3 is equipped with 4K UHD camera, 3-axis stabilization and RF remote control with holder for smart phones and tablets.

Key Features

  • 4K UHD camera
  • Remote HD video viewing
  • 3 axis stabilization
  • More Information...

More Information and Detailed Specifications

DJI Phantom 3 Professional is an advanced aerial drone packed with modern technology. Take control, start flight and record stunning video. The drone has a professional degree camera with Sony Exmor sensor that can record in impressive 2160p 4K UHD resolution. The 3-axis, swiveling stabilizer ensures quiet, vibration-free recording and you can tilt the camera during flight. A free DJI Pilot app for iOS and Android allows you to watch HD video on smart phones and tablets, take snapshots and adjust camera settings and angle during flight.

Full control

Phantom 3 comes with automatic positioning that ensures you do not lose control of the drone. The "Return-to-Home" function is activated automatically when the range limit is exceeded and the drone will then fly back to the starting position and make a safe landing. With the app you can see the drone appropriate position relative to the pilot and get accurate information on remaining battery power.

First Person Perspective

Attach your smartphone or tablet on the remote control and keep track of current distance measurement with DJI Light Bridge technology. You can view the same image as your Phantom in 720p HD resolution at distances of up to 2 km.

Visual positioning

The drone can navigate without a GPS signal using visual and ultrasonic sensors that identify patterns in the underlying terrain to achieve an accurate position.

Other features:

- 4480 mAh Li-pol battery for up to 23 minutes flying time
- Approximately 2000 meters range from the RF remote control
- Built-in GPS / GLONASS module with advanced features
- Return Home, Auto Landing and Auto Return Home function when the drone is out of range
- No Fly Zone provides information about restricted areas
- 0.1 meters vertical / 1 meter horizontal jumps precision
- Maximum 16 m / s airspeed
- Max 5 m / s ascension, 3 m / s descent


- 1 / 2.3 "Sony Exmor sensor, 12.4 megapixels
- Video recording: UHD 4096x2160 / 24p, 3840x2160 / 30p, Full HD 1080 / 60p HD 720 / 60p
- 4000x3000 pixels image resolution
- -90° to + 30° gimbal pitch
- 94° wide angle lens
- Supports micro SD memory card of up to 64GB


- 2.4 GHz frequency
- Built-in 6000 mAh Li-pol battery
- Holder for smartphone and tablet
- Free DJI Pilot app for iOS 8.0+ or ​​Android 4.1.2+
- Real time flight data on screen
- Auto Weaving when control buttons are loose
- Cable output via USB

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Parrot Bebop Lightweight Quadricopter Drone with GPS and GLONASS + Skycontroller


Parrot Bebop is a drone that lets you record 1080p Full HD video and can be controlled via the WiFi Skycontroller, tablet or smartphone.

Key Features

  • Full HD fisheye camera
  • WiFi Skycontroller
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Parrot Bebop drone is equipped with smart functions and allows you to record incredible videos from several different angles. Thanks to the app Parrot Free Flight 3, you can easily control the drone with first-person perspective using a tablet or smartphone. Wide camera lens allows you to record Full HD video and still images in 4K quality. The drone is easy to assemble and parts can be replaced if necessary.

WiFi connection

The drone has its own dual-band WiFi access point for strong and stable connection with good bandwidth for live viewing. Maximum range is around 250 meters.


Drone can be controlled with the included Skycontroller, tablet or smartphone. Two levers allow you to control the drone with precision. The embedded WiFi amplifier with four antennas allows you to extend the range up to 2 km. HDMI port on Skycontroller allows you to connect FPV glasses (sold separately).


The integrated camera with 1:14 MP sensor allows you to record Full HD video and take pictures with 4K resolution. With a 180 degree fisheye lens it offers a crisp and clear display. Digital 3-axis image stabilizer ensures smooth and clear images. The lens is water resistant and dust proof.


Drone is equipped with GPS and GLONASS chip that allows you to navigate or record the flight for further use. With the optional app Flightplan you can plan your route in advance by adding locations directly on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Return Home ensures that the drone will safely fly back to its start position.

AR. Drone Academy

Register and compare FlyData with other users.

Other features:

- Fiberglass reinforced construction
- 3 axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer
- Optical flow sensor for accurate, vertical stabilization and measurement of airspeed
- Ultrasound sensor for accurate height measurement
- Dual-core Parrot P7 processor with quad-core GPU and Linux OS
- 4 brushless motors
- Flying time: about 22 minutes
- 2 x 1200 mAh Li-pol battery for drone and Skycontroller
- Dual-band WiFi connectivity
- 8GB built-in flash memory
- Can be used indoors (EPP-frame)

DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus Remote Control Drone with Full HD Recording


DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus drone comes with Full HD camera, built in GPS and RF remote control with long range.

Key Features

  • Full HD Camera
  • See the recording in real time
  • GPSw "Return to home" feature
  • More Information...

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus is a drone packed with features and allows you to record incredible videos. Drone comes with a 14 MP wide angle camera that lets you record 1080p Full HD video. Comes with 3-axis stabilization and gimball that ensures smooth, clear recordings and lets you tilt the camera during the flight itself for impressive creative recordings. With a free app for iOS or Android, you can see the recording in real time on your smartphone or tablet, take snapshots and adjust the camera settings and angles while drone is airborne.

Other features:

- 5200 mAh Li-pol battery for up to 20 minutes of use
- Approximately 700m range
- Built-in GPS with advanced features
- Settings for flying in a particular course, "return to home" feature, automatic landing, automatic "return to home" when the drone flies out of reach
- 0.8m vertical / horizontal 2.5 m hovering
- Max. 15 m / s speed
- Max. 6 m / s pitch, 2 m / s landing
- Can be tilted 35 degrees, can be rotated 200 degrees / s


- 1 / 2.3" sensor, 14 MP
- Full HD 1080 / 30p or HD 720 / 60p video recording
- 110° wide angle lens
- Can record on Micro SD card (4GB card included in the package)

Remote control:

- 5.8 GHz frequency
- Built in 2000 mAh Li-pol battery
- Free DJI Vision app for iOS 6.1+ or Android 4.0+
- Display of FlyData on screen in real time
- Automatic tissue setting where joysticks are loose

Model Description

-Type - Aero (flying)
-Product Series - Phantom

Handling and maneuverability

-Manoeuvring mode - Remote, smartphone
-Controlling Distance range in meters - 700
-Speed ​​(m / s)  15
-Return to start function  Yes
-Frequency - 5.8 GHz

Technical specifications

-Integrated camera - Yes
-Attachment for external camera - No
-Sensor (camera lens) - 1/2.3"
-Camera Resolution - 4384x3288
-Camera resolution in megapixels - 14
-Video recording - Yes
-Resolution video - 1080p
-Frames per second (fps) - 30
-Live video capture/playback - Yes
-Camera can be controlled by smartphone - Android, iOS
-Camera can be controlled with tablets - Android, iOS
-Integrated GPS - Yes
-Ability card - Yes
-Memory card type - Micro SD

General Specifications

-Battery Type - LiPo (lithium-polymer)
-Battery capacity - 5200 mAh
-Rechargeable batteries - Yes
-Color - White
-Width (cm) - 35.00
-Weight (g) - 1 242.00