How to Set up GoDaddy Email with Windows Live Mail

Setting up your GoDaddy email account to work with Windows Live Mail is a fairly simple task. 1st of all, were going to create an email address. You do this by logging into your into Godaddy account and select web hosting and then click on the "manage" button.

From there, click on "manage" again.

Once your on the control panel page, scroll down until you see "Email". From their select "Accounts".

Next step is to click on "Create Account" where you will be able to choose your email name and password.

Choose your desired email address, and enter a secure password. It is best to use a mix of letters and numbers, so is less likely to get hacked. You can also choose your mailbox quote or set it to Unlimited. Once you're finished, click "Create Account".

Once you have setup your email, it will be displayed either alone if you have only set up one or in a list, if you have set up several others. From the list, click on "More" and then select "Configure Email Client".

The Configure Email Client will contain important information that may be unique to your setup, such as your incoming and outgoing server names. Keep this page open just in case you need them.

Okay, so now we have your email account set up, we want to be able to access it via Windows Live Mail. To do this head over to Windows Live Mail. If is not installed on your computer, you can download it from the Microsoft website.

Once you've opened Windows Live Mail select "File" in the top right-hand corner and then Options > Email Accounts.

Once you've clicked on email accounts the next step is to click on the "Add" button and then select "Email Account" and click next.


From there, fill in the details such as your email address, password and display name. The email address and password are obviously the one you used in the GoDaddy Control Panel. Your display name can be anything you like. You can also choose to make this your default email account, if you wish. Click the "next" button once you're finished.

Next step is to configure the server settings. In our case we will be entering, "" in both server address boxes. This may be different for your email setup, so check your configure email page. Then you want to select server type: as POP and change the incoming server port number from 110 to 995 and the outgoing server information port number from 25 to 465 for secure SSL/TSL settings. Your logon username is your email address. Make sure you put a tick in all 3 boxes that require a secure connection and authenticity. Click the "next" button once you're done.

Click on the "Finish" button, and that's basically it. You've now added an email account to Windows Live Mail, and will be able to access and send emails via the program.


To ensure your email account is set up properly, from the Windows Live Programme select "Send/Receive" at the top of the toolbar and select your email address from the list and make sure you can send and receive emails. You can send a few test emails from a Yahoo or Gmail account if you wish.