Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment in most cases will be required via credit or debit card, but will vary depending on the actual company selling the product. You may also be able to pay by cheque or even send money via a secure postal service. Please read the payment terms and conditions from the company you are buying from before placing an order.

Payment Via Credit Card

Payment done through a major credit card company is the safest way to pay for items on the Internet. Your credit card is usually charged as soon as you place the order, or the company will charge your card as soon as the items are ready to be dispatched. When you pay via credit card, you are also protected by your credit card company in the rarity that you deal with a fraudulent seller.

Payment Via Debit Card

Debit card is similar to a credit card in that you enter your numbers and details, et cetera and the money is then debited. A debit card is usually directly linked to your bank account, and therefore the money will be taken from their instantly, rather than receiving a credit card statement that you can pay in several weeks time.

Payment Via Cheque

In this day and age, it's very rare to pay by cheque, but some companies still offer the option. If it is available, then naturally you can send them a cheque and it soon as it clears they will dispatch the goods to you.

Payment Via Cash

Even rarer these days, but some companies still allow you to send money to them for the items you want to purchase. However, be careful if this option is available as you will be fully responsible for sending your money through the post. If you do make sure it is done by registered or special delivery to ensure its safe delivery.

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