Sat Nav

Global Positioning System

GPS (Global Positioning System) has become an indispensable tool for motorists exploring a region that is not signposted or unknown to them.

In recent years, the price of GPS devices have come down dramatically, making it a firm favourite with car, motorbike and even boat owners. This satellite positioning system is so convenient that it only requires you to enter an address or postcode to get to your desired destination.

For some users the GPS has long since replaced the road map and road signs because the system can take advantage of the power of a computer to store reference points ("Waypoints") in the middle of nowhere and take into account potential traffic jams to find an alternative route.

TomTom Rider v5 Motorcycle GPS with 4.3-inch Glove-Friendly Screen


Motorcycle GPS with a 4.3" glove-friendly touchscreen, maps of 45 European countries with lifetime updates and routes custom motorcycle.

Key Features

  • GPS for motorcycles
  • Map of 45 European countries
  • 4.3" glove-friendly screen
  • More Information...

TomTom Rider is a GPS designed for use on motorcycles. It allows you to plan routes on winding roads so avoiding boring trips. Cost Fire map updates for the life of the GPS is included.

4.3" waterproof and glove-friendly screen

The screen responds instantly to touch and can be used in all weathers. You also get different color brightness choices so it can be used in sunlight and in the middle of the night.


TomTom Rider gives you instructions via Bluetooth headset or helmet so you can keep your hands where they should be. You can also connect your mobile phone and hands-free conversation while driving.

Turns on / off with the ignition on motorcycle

GPS is turned on or off using the ignition on the bike for extra ease of use.

Find routes with winding roads

To avoid tedious trips the GPS helps you find winding roads that make the trip more exciting.

Manage routes on your PC

Plan routes on your PC before you upload them to the GPS. You can even share your routes with others directly from your TomTom Rider GPS.

Free maps updates (four updates per year)

With lifetime map updates, you are guaranteed the latest maps for the life of your GPS. You get 4 updates per year that includes roads, addresses and points of interest. In addition, you get daily updates vie the Map Share community.

Map Coverage

Detailed coverage

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino , Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including the Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican, United Kingdom (including the Channel Islands)

Partial coverage

Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Russian Federation

Affiliation Roads

Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro

Included in the package

- TomTom Rider GPS
- Charging Dock and cable for MC
- Fixing the MC
- USB home charger
- Software for route planning on the PC
- Instruction Manual

TomTom Start 60 Europe GPS with 6-inch Display


TomTom Start 60 Europe LMT GPS comes with maps of Europe and a 6" screen that will guide you through the journey.

Key Features

  • 6" display
  • Maps of Europe
  • Map updates the GPS's life
  • More Information...

Plan your journey and find the best route to reach your destination in the shortest possible time. TomTom Start 60 features maps of Europe that updates for the life of the GPS's. My Places feature that lets you store all your favorite places and Route Bar gives you the latest traffic information. Use Quich Search to find destinations of interest whether it's accommodation, eating out or otherwise.

Lifetime Map Updates

Get at least four annual updates throughout the life of the GPS. You can also receive daily updates on new speed limits and road closures via Map Share community.

TomTom Speed ​​Cameras

Drive without concerns about picking up a speeding ticket. TomTom Start 60 will warn you of speed cameras in the vicinity.

Advanced filename

Gives you a better overview of difficult junctions and makes it easy to choose the correct lane.

Included in the package:

- Integrated battery
- Car Charger
- USB cable
- Documentation
- Start-up Guide

TomTom Go 600 Speak and Go GPS with 6-inch TFT Touch Screen


GPS with a 6" TFT touch screen, maps of Europe with lifetime updates and new features like 3D display and Speak & Go.

Key Features

  • 6" TFT touch screen
  • Maps of Europe
  • Speak & Go voice control
  • More Information...

TomTom Go 600 offers new features for quick navigation. Keep up with traffic near you with real-time updates and view your route in 3D.

6" TFT touch screen

The large capacitive display responds to the slightest touch and lets you zoom in on the map or scroll through menus in a simple and intuitive way.

Lifetime Map Updates

You get 4 updates per year throughout the life of the GPS without cost. You also get daily updates of new speed limits and road closures via the Map Share community.

Lifetime TomTom Traffic

Provides updated traffic information in real time from your smartphone via Bluetooth as well as finding the quickest route for you.

Advanced filename

Get a better overview of difficult junctions.

IQ Routes

Uses real speed data collected from millions of users to accurately calculate the travel time of your route.

3D Map

See buildings and landscapes in 3D for easier navigation.

Tap & Go

Start your journey by clicking on the map, you will quickly find your destination.

Speak & Go

Voice Control allows you to focus fully and completely on the road. You say simply where you wish to travel. TomTom Go 600 accepts more than 1000 voice commands.

Included in the package:

- EasyPort car holder
- USB Car Charger
- USB cable