Glossary (A)

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter A.

A/D or A/N

Analog/Digital and Analog/Digital. Converting an analog signal into a digital signal.


Devices or systems that also operate as audio and video equipment mainly for the home cinema.

AV Amplifier

An Audio-Video amplifier is designed for the home-cinema. It allows and manages the audio and video sources and breaks down the different sound channels to reproduce the "cinema" experience on 5 speakers or more.

A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profile)

Standard stereo audio transmission used with Bluetooth technology enabling direct audio streaming between a source and a Bluetooth receiver. According to A2DP the audio streaming usually uses the SBC codec with a throughput of up to 128 Kbps.

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)

Advanced Audio Coding, considered to be the long-term replacement for the famous but aging MP3 format. Used by Apple in iTunes and all mobile devices of the brand such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad. AAC is characterized by a very high compression rate and superior quality to MP3. With more comprehensive and hard-hitting in the midrange particularly, AAC is available in a version called HE-AAC, that is optimized for voice programs.

Analog Signal

Refers to an audio or video signal including storage, transport or processing that are transmitted via an electrical voltage. This technique requires components and connectors of the highest quality and is very sensitive to electromagnetic interference. A digital signal requires a lesser amount of electrical power and has a greater interference tolerance throughout the course of the electrical signal, hence its very high quality.


Google operating system for smartphones and tablet computers. Designed from a Linux kernel, the open source operating system integrates all functions necessary for the operation of a smartphone or a touch pad as well as many of Google applications such as Gmail, Google Maps, etc. Just like the AppStore for Apple products, there is an online store called Google Play which includes many downloadable free or paid applications for use with your android device.


AAC is an audio compression algorithm developed by Dolby Laboratories and used particularly in the digital audio standard Dolby Digital. Though surpassed by newer algorithms such as AAC, AC3 remains in audio tracks on Blu-Ray and DVD movies.

ADA: Analog Distribution Amplifier

Electronic circuit used in sound or home automation to transmit sound over a large distance.


Dealing with the properties, production, reproduction, propagation and reception of sound.

PCMCIA Adapter

Interface in the format of a "credit card" that inserts into a laptop equipped with the suitable connection like a memory card reader, modem, wireless card, etc.


Analog to Digital Converter.

Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)

Name given by Samsung to the CEC-compatible HDMI standard for its products. HDMI integrates a protocol for control and communication between compatible devices interconnected via an HDMI cable. CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) makes it possible to create a dialogue between the various links in the home theater system. Control technology offered by the CEC protocol is now integrated into the majority of devices offered by major brands. Available on DVD players, DVD recorders, Blu-ray players, flat screens TV's, amplifiers and home cinema equipment.


Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation. It is an audio compression algorithm used in particular for telephony.

MAC Address

Medium Access Control. Unique physical address of any device connected to a network (computer, phone, printer, etc.).

Advanced HAD

Present on camcorders, Advanced HAD technology reduces video noise when recording in low light conditions.


Compatible with Bluetooth A2DP Stereo devices, the apt-X codec provides relatively near-CD quality audio. With a compression ratio of 4:1 on average, music quality is generally good.

Advanced Music Optimizer

Optimization compressed audio (MP3 type) developed by Onkyo. While MP3 or AAC files produce good sound through headphones of a portable music player, the limitations of these compressed files quickly become noticeable when playing on a quality home theater system. This is due to the loss of a significant amount of binary information at high frequencies during the compression process. To remedy this, Onkyo has developed advanced optimization technology (Advanced Music Optimizer) to compensate for the loss of binary information and improve the quality of compressed audio signals. The sound is clearer and more expansive. This technology also includes a function of loudness which further improves the audio character of compressed files.

Low Latency apt-X

Apt-X codec optimized for very low latency between sending and receiving audio signal. While the standard Bluetooth has a latency of about 150ms, the apt-X codec has a very Low Latency of only 32ms. With this very low latency you can enjoy the sound of videos or games from a smartphone or tablet to a Bluetooth speaker, without incurring a delay between the picture and sound.

Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR)

The compression of your music in MP3 and WMA format that is capable of storing an increased number of songs at a reduced quality. In return, this compression often results in loss of sound information, usually inaudible on a portable radio or MP3 player. The integration of advanced technologies in Pioneer products overcomes this disadvantage by extrapolating the information lost during compression, for a reproduction closer to the original.