Ordering, Cancelling and Returning Unused Goods

Ordering, Cancelling and Returning Unused Goods

In the following section you will find information on the process of ordering, cancelling and returning unwanted goods and what rights you have.

What rights do you have to cancel?

If you buy something from an online store, the consumer law applies. The act gives you the right to cancel the purchase in 14 days from the date you received the item. The shop must pay back the cost of the purchased item, but not the delivery costs, unless the item is faulty or damaged. You will also be responsible for post and packaging charges for returning the item back to the shop. The item must be returned in its original and unused condition for a full refund.

Information about the company and the product should be clearly evident!

On the store's website you should be able to easily find the company name, address and registration number, the product's description and price, terms of payment and delivery, as well as clear information about cancellation rights and the process you need to go through, if you do decide to return the product.

Receiving an order confirmation!

After making an online purchase you will receive a order confirmation, usually via email, or by phone or post, in some cases. Online shops are required to attach a completed receipt either physically or via your online account, once delivered.

What goods are exempt from cancellation?

There are a few items that are not covered by the right of cancellation. This applies to products where the seal has been broken, for example, on computer software, cinema or concert tickets as well as items that have a limited shelf life, such as food. Goods that have been specially produced for you or substantially modified may be exempt from the right of cancellation. If you are purchasing a custom-made item for yourself, always check if you can return it for a refund before ordering.

Can you open the package?

To take advantage of the right of cancellation you must make sure the item is held in its original and unopened condition. You should not open the package to examine it, or test the goods. You may waive your right to a full refund if you have opened and damage the original packaging and will be responsible for any costs, if the store does decide to accept the goods back.

Do you have to pay a fee to use the right of cancellation?

No, absolutely not. There should be no fee (minus P&P) involved in returning unwanted goods, unless the product has been specifically ordered or designed for yourself.

Can a shop create its own list of items that are not covered by the right of cancellation, such as expensive goods, or those that are on sale, et cetera?

No. It doesn't matter if the item is on sale or has an extremely high pricetag, you have the right to return the product, providing it is returned in its original and unused condition.

Before buying!

If you are unsure about your right of cancellation, we recommend that you contact the store before buying to take account of their full terms and conditions. If you find that something is not correct, you should choose another store. It is tedious and time consuming to get into a dispute as to whether you have the right to return a product or not. It is also wise to get important answers in writing, for example via e-mail and save these for future contact with the store.