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Tannoy Revolution DC4 LCR center speaker with Dual Concentric elements, trapezoidal enclosure and shielding.

Product Code: DC4LCR

Key Features

  • Dual Concentric drivers for the finest music details
  • Magnetic shielding against distortion
  • Trapezoidal enclosure that reduces internal resonance and reflections

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Tannoy Revolution DC4 LCR is a very compact (100mm/4") center speaker that delivers high precision and good level of detail in the sound. Device combines a low frequency element in multi fibre paper cone with a dome tweeter made ​​of titanium.

Dual Concentric drivers

Tannoy own Wide Band Dual Concentric drivers deliver accurate and detailed sound with support for low frequency and deep bass effects.


Bi-wiring connection of the speaker to the audio amplifier improves signal quality and prevent distortion. Bi-wiring uses two sets of cables from amplifier to speaker. One cable is designed for high frequency and the other for low frequency. In this way there is less interference between high and low frequency signals.

Magnetic shielding

Avoid distortion as Tannoy Revolution center speaker comes with magnetic shielding.

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