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Xbox One is the next generation gaming console. Now you can control all your entertainment via Xbox One. Game FIFA 16 is included.

Key Features

  • Your new center for all your home entertainment
  • 500 GB hard drive and a host of new features
  • FIFA 16 game pack

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Xbox One puts you in the center of all the entertainment! Xbox One gives you instant access to TV shows, games, music, movies and Skype - all in one place without having to change the source or waiting for slow updates, and downloads. This is a unique package with FIFA 16.

Star Screen

Wake Xbox One via voice message and Xbox will display a personalized home screen with your favorite games, applications and content. Store movies, music and more for instant access to the things you like best, right where you want them.


Use Snap to do two things at once. Talk to friends on Skype while you are watching TV together. See what people are saying about your favorite shows by browsing the web, listen to the music you want while playing the latest rereleased game. Jump back and forth between viewing without affecting the console's performance.

Microsoft's proprietary Time-of-Flight technology measures the time it takes individual photons to return after they have met an object, for unprecedented accuracy and precision. The new noise isolating microphones filter noise in order to recognize your natural voice even in noisy environments.


Use Skype telephony specially designed for Xbox One. For the first time ever, you can participate in group discussions on TV. Split the screen to play games while conducting a video chat with friends and family.

Gaming on Xbox One takes you to a greater cinematic worlds, both looks and feels more vivid with realistic characters and good stories. The game world come alive with unlimited processing via the console and Microsoft's web skye technology.