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Top of the line A3+ printer from Epson. Amazing quality prints up to A3+ in size. In addition to high quality prints, your printer has WiFi for wireless printing.

SKU: C11CA86301

Key Features

  • Prints up to A3 +
  • Professional print quality
  • Feeding Art Paper
  • Front loading for easy insertion
  • Ink High Capacity
  • Optimized cost per page
  • USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • Automatic switch / Photo and Matte Black inks

More Information and Detailed Specifications

You can easily insert fine art media with less risk of damage due to front-loading of art paper, which eliminates the need for space behind the printer.

Convenient high capacity ink cartridges

Optimize your cost per page with high capacity ink cartridges at 25.9 ml.

LCD color display

Follow media instructions and check ink levels quickly and easily with a color LCD screen of 2.5 inches.

Consistent, realistic prints

Get an improved gray balance without color fringing and a smoother, more natural tonal range thanks to Epson UltraChrome K3 ink with Vivid Magenta and black ink with three different densities. The printer uses either standard photo or matte black and switches automatically depending on the media, creating along with light black, true black and white images.

Selection of grayscale

Choose your own black and white tonality, from warm to neutral or cold, and customize to your own taste - then save your settings in the printer driver.

User-friendly printer driver

Take full control over your images with R3000s printer driver, which is incredibly easy to use. It helps you improve productivity, customize media settings and use the included ICC profiling to obtain accurate prints that suit you.

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