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LUMIX DMC-TZ60 has 30x optical zoom, electronic display (EVF) and Wi-Fi with NFC, and ultra thin design. Take care of your memories with extraordinary quality thanks to the highly sensitive MOS sensor with 18.1 megapixels. A variety of manual shooting modes makes this camera an ultimate, versatile camera.


More Information and Detailed Specifications

Put your stamp on your photos

In addition to a remarkably powerful optical zoom of 30x, this camera has a number of manual functions that give your creativity a boost, such as a LVF (Live View Finder), a control ring, RAW compatibility and optimal focus and all in an ultra compact body. This allows highly detailed photography covering everything from ordinary snapshots and travel experiences. 5mm camera equivalent: 24-720 mm mm.

30x optical zoom in an ultra compact body

By crystallize the optical in its technology, Panasonic has succeeded in integrating a 30x zoom with a 24mm ultra-wide angle lens (35 mm equivalent: 24-720 mm) in a thin, flat housing. With this camera, you can capture an entire variety of scenes, from dynamic landscapes to humans or animals far away.

Embedded Live View Finder

The camera is equipped with a 0.2-inch LVF (Live View Finder) with a resolution of 200,000 dots eq. and 100% vision. It provides stable image line adjustment and good visibility in Live View images even at high magnification and in bright sunlight. Alternatively it can be set to 60 fps for smooth reproduction of moving subjects quickly.

HYBRID OIS + and Level Shot feature

HYBRID OIS + Video Recording with correction for 5-axis detects and effectively compensates for camera movement in 5 types - horizontal, vertical, axis of rotation, vertical rotation and horizontal rotation. Level Shot feature detects the horizontal line of the recorded image, and keep this even if the camera is tilted. This allows the video to stay stable even if you do not see your subject, for example when shooting from a high angle.

Easy Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC / QR Code

This camera has a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC technology, so you can easily use the flexible recording functions and share photos instantly. You can connect the camera to a smartphone/tablet by simply placing them side by side and follow the simple instructions. Setup is very easy and is completed in seconds.

Although the smartphone/tablet is not compatible with NFC, it's easy to connect the camera by simply scanning the QR code displayed on the screen of the camera. We recommend that you update Panasonic bildeapp to the latest version in order to use this feature.

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