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Samsung has managed to create a camera that is close to the perfect family camera.


Key Features

  • Wi-fi, APS-C CMOS
  • 3.3" AMOLED WVGA Tilt & Touch Screen
  • Full-HD, 3D, incl Lightroom.

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Meet NX300 - a high-performance smart camera system that is easy to carry. With ultra-sensitive APS-C CMOS sensor, shutter speed  of 1/6000s and hybrid autofocus system that takes pictures - still or moving, in daylight or darkness.

Smart Camera with WiFi 2.0 also makes it possible for you to share your pictures directly to friends and family, and auto store them directly in the cloud.

Thanks to the APS-C CMOS sensor of 20.3 megapixels with autofocus and phase detection system, images with the NX300, can be both crystalline and unfocused. NX300 is a smart system camera that takes good pictures, easy to carry and which, thanks to WiFi allows you to share and store images directly. This means better images in both daylight and darkness, even with higher resolution.

The camera's hybrid autofocus system combines phase detection and contrast based autofocus (AF), this means that the camera can easily change the focus method depending on whether the subject is moving or not. The phase detection measured distance to the subject quickly, while contrast based AF fine tunes the sharpness added for maximum contrast. With these two combined, you get hybrid autofocus which always gives you detailed and sharp images, without delay.

Now you can capture an entire tennis match with the NX300, the camera is super fast and takes 8.6 shots per second. The advanced autofocus system provides a crystal-clear reproduction of fast motion and a fast shutter speed lets you capture the moment before it's over.
You now have that fraction of a second for you to take the picture that your family will talk about for generations. The Smart Camera NX300, which has a shutter speed of 1/6000 second the fastest in is class. With this shutter speed in combination with the fast AF system it allows you to capture a pics without any hint of motion blur.

With WiFi you can share and store images directly. Use the Direct Link and send pictures wirelessly from your camera to your smart TV, tablet, computer or smartphone. Having a smart camera system with WiFi is also perfect for sharing your photos with friends and family on social networks. Samsung NX300 also includes support for Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), so you can connect faster and more stable wireless network.

With AutoShareServer and WiFi connectivity you can send every picture you take with your camera to your smartphone - an easy way to back up. If you set Auto Hare the images are then automatically sent. AutoShareServer also adds GPS tags to images directly via phone.

The camera's intuitive interface HybridTouch is combined with five features with a touch screen. So you can quickly select the menu option to add effects, share photos, insert text, and more. It's easier and faster, whether you use the touch function or cursor.

Samsung's new Smart Came Ra takes the classic camera design into the digital age, and impresses with its luxurious feel. It is made ​​of metal, but is compact and easy to carry. The sharp edges helps give a great feel, and ergonomic design gives you a firm grip.

Discover the photo again with NX300s swiveling AMOLED display. It is 3.31 inches high, vipes up 90° and down 45°, making it easy to capture images even in difficult angles. You need no longer sit on the shoulders of someone to take a picture of the masses.

The smart system NX300 camera is powered by a Drims IV imaging engine, the next generation DSP image engine, which means that it is faster than its predecessor and has improved performance, superior color reproduction and noise reduction. Whether you're shooting in 2D or 3D, comes this powerful engine to manage your memories - for the rest of your life.

Let the holiday still images and movies come alive with True 3D Creator. The NX300 is the world's first lens system for taking 2D and 3D images. NX300 is also the only camera with interchangeable lens that you can use with Samsung's 2D / 3D lens. Create vivid images and movies to show to friends and acquaintances in 3D HDTV.

NX300 may not look like a camcorder, but the films in full HD and 1080 / 60P. Make sure you capture the moments you want to remember for later playback on your HDTV without any loss of quality.

The NX300 can shoot at up to ISO 25,600, making this camera twice as sensitive to light as its predecessor. Now you can lavish images without noise and blur, even in the dark.

Smart Mode you can choose which special mode you want - maybe you'll catch the light of the sirens in the middle of an intersection at night, a soccer ball in motion with Sports Capture or perhaps make a picture with surreal colors with Rich Tone?

Creative Shot can enhance the feeling of the image automatically. Your Smart Camera analyzes the image and then choose an appropriate filter - a smiling face radiates a little more and a sunset glows a little extra.

Get more fun and creative photos with Smart Filter! Choose Cartoon Filter and your photo look like an animated film scene, select Cross Filter, and the picture gets more sources of light, eg. stars. You can also explore other filters such as Ink Painting and Half-tone Dot.

Product Description

Samsung SMART Camera NX300 - digital camera


Digital camera - mirrorless system

Memory card slot

SD card

Image Processor


Wireless connection

IEEE 802.11b / g / n, NFC (Near Field Communication)

Pixels / Resolution

20.3 megapixel

Maximum video resolution

1920 x 1080

Lens System

2.5 x zoom lens - 20 - 50 mm - f / 3.5-5.6 i-Function

Focus Adjustment

Automatic, Manual

Min. focus distance

28 cm

Digital Zoom



External flash

External Flash Name

Samsung SEF-8A


AMOLED display - 3.31 "

Supported Battery

1 x Li-ion rechargeable battery - 1130 mAh (included)

AV interface

Composite video / audio, HDMI



Dimensions (WxDxH)

12.2 cm x 4.07 cm x 6.37 cm


284 g

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