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  • Mirror Less ILC
  • Fast Hybrid Autofocus system
  • 24.3 MPixels
  • Sharp SVGA Tru-Finder OLED viewfinder


More Information and Detailed Specifications

World's fastest autofocus.

APS-C image sensor with 24.3 megapixels, Take strikingly beautiful images that exceeds expectations with Sony's newly developed APS-C image sensor with 24.3 effective megapixels. This sophisticated sensor is the same size as that found in most digital SLRs, and it has high sensitivity in dark areas. Enjoy the more efficient light gathering due to the chip lenses that are structured without spaces. The camera also has very little noise in a wide ISO range from 100 to 25,600, excellent corner-to-corner image quality with vivid images, extraordinary detail and smooth color tones that reproduces all the nuances of the subject.

X BIONZ image processing engine

The advanced BIONZ image processing engine X from Sony is surprisingly quick, and it reproduces the textures and details in real time, as if looking at it with the naked eye. The resulting images are very realistic, especially with rich hues and natural three-dimensional look. Whether you are shooting or recording video visual noise is almost imperceptibly, thanks to the developed site specific noise reduction. Technology for detailed rendition provides textures with finer detail, while technology makes the lens better, so you can take advantage of better granularity at small apertures.

Videos in Full HD

Press the MOVIE button to start recording high quality videos with sharp images and total lack of visual noise that's sure to turn heads. You can choose between 60p / 50p, 60i / 50i or 24p / 25p *. The new and improved fast hybrid autofocus delivers stunning fast and accurate autofocus and tracking while recording video. You can also use the P / A / S / M modes for maximum control over how the image will look like, and zoom with extra clarity thanks to Clear Image Zoom. * NTSC / PAL.

World's fastest * AF

With incredible precision, you can now get all subjects sharp and in record time, thanks to Sony's new advanced fast hybrid AF with hugely improved phase detection and contrast detection. Faster reading of data from the image sensor, BIONZ X-computing with more speed, more advanced AF algorithms and optimized control of lens driver provides about 35% faster performance than in previous systems. * Among digital cameras with interchangeable lenses with an APS-C image sensor, confirmed as of 12 February 2014, based on research from Sony. Measured using the IRB approach, with E PZ 16-50 mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens. Compatible with CIPA guidelines.

179 AF points

In addition to the 25 contrast-detect AF points (fast intelligent AF) with higher speed and higher precision, it has a improved fast hybrid AF system of 179 highly accurate phase detect AF points covering almost the entire image area. They make it possible to improve subject tracking and also capture subjects that move quickly wherever they are on screen. In addition, you get improved scene recognition and recognition of design size.

Continuous shooting at 11 fps and superior AF tracking lets you capture the decisive moment. This feature makes the most of the excellent tracking of Sony's phase detection sensor with 179 points, so that the subject can be tracked anywhere on the screen.

Auto focus in mind

Even when using small depth of field and shooting a person who is partially turned away from the camera, the face will be in sharp focus, thanks to the very accurate AF.

Improved locking AF

More accurate than ever, thanks to advances in AF with phase detection. Lockable AF allows you to track moving subjects by adjusting the camera setings, to ensures that the most appropriate AF point is always being used.

AF Mode

Adapting the focus mode to design ensures sharp results. 6000 is the first camera of the E-type that has AF-A and shows the active AF point even in AF-C mode, so that you can check that you focus on the intended subject.

High resolution OLED Tru-Finder

See all scenes clearly and naturally on the bright and accurate OLED Tru-Finder, which provides 100% frame coverage. The new optical system with four double aspheric lens provides a wide viewing angle of 33° and clear visibility from corner to corner. You can get clear detail, rich color and high contrast in both dark and bright environments, thanks to an advanced OLED design that gives you more trustworthy preview of defocus, exposure and other effects. You can also fine-tune the focus using MF Assist and a useful optimization function, and also adjust brightness in five steps to compensate for the environment.

Quick, intuitive controls

The controls are similar to the ones you get on a DSLR, so you can intuitively use them while looking through the viewfinder. The mode dial lets you instantly switch between recording modes with your thumb, while the control wheel makes it easy to set the recording parameters.

Customizable buttons

Button Customization allows you to shoot any way you want, so everything is faster and easier. You can assign 47 functions * to any of the seven buttons (including two dedicated customization buttons), and assign up to 12 functions to the Fn button for quick access. * Certain features can only be assigned to specific buttons.

3 inch LCD screen that tilts

The comfort is enhanced with a 3 inch LCD display that can easily tilt, so you can take photos from extreme angles. You can take pictures in many more situations, thanks to the tiltable screen and the compact size of the camera.

User interface can be customized

The user interface uses many of the functions of the cameras A-mount for smooth, custom control. Quick Navi Pro displays all the key shooting options so you can quickly verify and adjust. Fn button provides quick access to preferred features.

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