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Contour has taken the best features from the ContourROAM and original Contour+, and created a camera that is not only easy to use but also has better picture quality, better GPS and remote control via Bluetooth app. The camera has also become cheaper, and the package includes more accessories.

SKU: 1700

Key Features

  • Capability to Live Stream
  • 120 FPS
  • Instant Record

More Information and Detailed Specifications on the Contour + 2 Underwater HD Action Camera


A unique option for Contour cameras are built-in GPS. With GPSn you can see where you've been, the speed and distance. You can easily share on Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo.

Contour APP

Use your mobile phone to set up the camera and the image you want. Also use your mobile as a remote control and set off the cameras when you want.

Rec and Power in the same key

No power button on the back, no standby. Longer battery capacity and faster start of filming.

Super Slow Motion

Contour + 2 can shoot in 4 different HD resolutions including 1080p, but it can also shoot in 120fps in 480p.


Camera is waterproof and can withstand rain but should you want to use it under water you do with the underwater house added in the package.

Sexy look

Contour cameras have won several awards for its design and with its slim, lightweight and sexy body!


Need extra clear sound you can use an external mic. The sound can easily be adjusted to Story Teller or mobile application.

Live Streaming

HDMI input allows you to live stream.

Many settings

Contour + 2 gives you the opportunity to fine-tune the image. Adjust the white balance, contrast, sharpness, exposure and metering.


With the laser you get your shot right away.

What's in the box:

Contour + 2
Contour + 2 Underwater
Mini USB cable
Profile Mount
Rotating Flat Surface Mount
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Memory card not supplied

Compatible with up to 32GB microSDHC memory cards. We recommend from grade 6 and up for HD recording.


Picture quality is improved, especially for the colors and dynamics of dark areas. The record button will now work even as the on / off button, so you have to first turn on the camera. It takes about 2 seconds to start up before filming can begin.

In addition, the back cover and tripod mount are reinforced and status-LED is moved to the top of the camera. You will now have an app for your phone where you can control the camera and see what the camera sees, making it easy to setup the camera. You can twist the lens up to 170 degrees, so you can mount the camera at odd angles.

GPS now detects the speed, altitude and distance continuously, so you can see this along with the film.


In addition to filming in full HD, you can record in lower resolution with higher frame rates, up to 120 fps in 480p. For better sound, it is possible to connect an external microphone. You can also stream live through an HDMI output.

In the package has Contour chosen to add a waterproof case, so you can use the camera for diving and snorkeling. The camera itself can withstand rain and snow.

The new Contour 2 is on sale now and has suggested retail price of £250.00 including the underwater housing.

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