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LEGRIA HF G25 is designed to meet the creative needs of video enthusiasts with a wide-angle lens, extensive manual controls and outstanding sound quality for stunning HD movies.

SKU: 8063B012AA

Key Features

  • Canon HD Video Lens
  • Canon HD CMOS PRO sensor
  • Full manual control
  • Optical Intelligent IS
  • Audio Scene Select
  • Touch screen of 8.8 cm
  • Instant AF, Face Detection
  • Protective hood
  • 32 GB internal memory
  • Two SDXC slots

More Information and Detailed Specifications

30.4 mm wide angle lens

Canon HD Video Lens technology provides a superior 30.4 mm, F1.8 lens with a smooth 10x optical zoom and 8 iris so you can create lifelike video.

Advanced HD CMOS Pro sensor

The advanced HD CMOS PRO sensor provides wide dynamic range and great results in low light. The sensor was originally developed by Canon for professional video cameras and has improved light transmission by 20% for better light sensitivity compared to the previous generation.

Full manual control

A manual lens ring provides intuitive focus control. With the Via LCD touch screen you have the option of full manual control over exposure, aperture, shutter speed and gain. With a Custom Key and Dial, you have full control over their own creativity.

Optical Intelligent IS

Intelligent IS is the perfect solution for preventing camera shake. This function detects the subject automatically and selects the appropriate image stabilization program among four options to counteract movement and blur. This provides sharp, detailed videos in all situations, so you can focus on filming.

Audio Scene Select

With Audio Scene Select and a built-in, sensitive zoom microphone makes it easy to ensure that your movies sound as good as they look. Just select from 5 scene programs as optimized sound settings automatically. Canon 5.1 Surround Microphone and Wireless Microphone is available as an option.

High resolution touch screen of 8.8 cm

A 8.8 inch LCD touch screen with high resolution 920,000 dots are optimized for recording in HD, providing 100% coverage of the scene. An extendable color viewfinder that gives you more options for framing.

Instant AF, Face Detection

Instant AF provides fast and accurate focus so you get brilliant HD quality. Face Detection optimizes the settings on the camcorder automatically so the person in your photos are focused and exposed in the best possible way.

Lens hood with protection

A large lens hood to protect against glare from external light sources is included as standard. It has built-in lens protection that opens quickly and automatically protects so you do not need a separate lens cap. Thus, the camera is always ready.

32 GB memory plus two pieces SDXC memory card slot

AVCHD Full HD video up to 24 Mbps in 32 GB internal memory, providing over 12 hours of video. Memory card slot for dual SDXC memory and feature Relay Recording ensure enough storage for even the most ambitious video projects.

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