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Toshiba Blu-ray player with Smart TV functionality, 1080p upscaling of DVD movies and network support (BD Live).

Key Features

  • Blu-ray player from Toshiba with Smart TV functionality
  • Upscale your older DVD movies up to HD quality
  • Get more out of your Blu-ray movies with BD Live 2.0

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Toshiba BDX2400KE is a modern Blu-ray player lets you enjoy both DVDs and Blu-ray movies in HD quality. It also has preloaded apps like YouTube and Netflix for more online entertainment (requires internet connection).

1080p HDMI upscaling

Get an improved image rendering of your older DVDs to full HD quality thanks to advanced algorithms that improve the original image quality.

Network Input with DLNA support (Ethernet)

Blu-ray player comes with a network function (LAN) port that allows you to stream media files from a local network and gives you access to entertainment from BD Live.

BD Live

Through the network input you can connect the player to your home network and can then download additional bonus material to your Blu-ray movies via BD Live. Such as deleted scenes, trailers and other exclusive extras.

Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio

Now you can put a nice frame around your Blu-ray movies with 7.1 surround sound. The sound reproduction is very authentic and very close to the original sound stage that the film director had in mind during movie recording.