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XA10 features Canon's latest imaging technologies and offers class leading image quality in spite of its compact size. Canon HD Camera System, which is based on the leading Canon XF-series consists of unique Canon optics and HD CMOS Pro image sensor which delivers outstanding imaging performance in a format you can take anywhere.


Key Features

  • Canon HD Video Lens (10x zoom, 30.4mm, f / 1.8)
  • Canon HD CMOS Pro sensor
  • Professional audio
  • AVCHD video to 64GB internal memory or 2x SDXC card
  • IR-recording program
  • Full manual control
  • 8.8 cm LCD and 0.6 cm EVF
  • Dynamic Optical Image Stabilization, Instant AF

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Exceptional image quality

A Canon HD Video Lens delivers extremely sharp HD images in a camera body that is smaller than ever. With 10x optical zoom, 30,4mm wide angle and maximum f / 1.8 aperture lens it has the XA10 quality and versatility required in all kinds of shooting situations. A 2x digital converter provides extra reach in situations where you want to shoot close, and blender with eight slats provide a virtually circular aperture that provides an attractive background blur or "bokeh". XA10 is also compatible with the new wide angle adapter WD-H58W which gives you more options for wide angle shots, and you can also use existing 58mm adapters and filters.

XA10 features a 1/3 type Canon HD CMOS Pro sensor of 2.07 mega pixels that record video in full HD resolution of 1920 x 80. The sensor 1 which is the same as that used professional Canon XF100-series and is based on the 3 CMOS sensors in the acclaimed XF300-series, and has pixels that are approximately 2.6 times larger than the pixels on regular CMOS chips used in compact camcorders - giving better light gathering ability and greatly improved performance when shooting in little light.

The camcorder records images in resolutions of 1920 x 1080 which provides full HD quality throughout the workflow and playback, without the need for image scaling or interpolation. That means you can record, edit and view footage in real HD resolution, ensuring optimal quality throughout. The camcorder records AVCHD video at up to 24 Mbps - which is the highest available option for the AVCHD standard.

Ultra Compact with professional sound

XA10 is Canon's lightest and most compact professional camcorder to date. XA10 is only 67 percent greater and 52 percent heavier than the XF105, which currently is Canon's smallest professional camcorders and offers long recording and professional HD performance in a compact, hand-held model.

Despite its compact size, the XA10 boasts advanced audio controls that make it possible to record audio in broadcast quality. You can take up independent sound by connecting external microphones to the camcorder via two XLR inputs are integrated in the handle, while the 3.5mm headphone and microphone connectors provide additional flexibility. The camcorder's integrated quality microphone identifies and filters out background noise in the mid- and low-frequency range, which improves the overall sound quality by providing clearer sound during quiet segments. XA10s variety of audio features are designed for professional use and offers advanced control capabilities.

Precise control

XA10 is equipped with a functional range not usually found on compact cameras, including full manual control of the recorded image. Aperture, shutter speed, exposure and gain can be adjusted individually, allowing greater flexibility in all types of shooting conditions.

A separate focus ring on the lens provides intuitive control during recording, while features such as aperture, shutter speed and exposure can be assigned to a customizable Control Dial. The camcorder also has two buttons that you can configure for direct access to functions such as AF only face and Powered IS.

LCD touch screen of 8.8 inches with 922,000 dots and electronic color viewfinder (EVF) of 0.61 cm gives the precise display quality required for HD recording. A number of auxiliary functions such as zoom, focus peaking and edge, making it easier to get the proper focus in the recording, while the zebra pattern and waveform display makes it easy to achieve proper exposure.
Flexibility and Versatility.

XA10 features 64GB of internal memory and dual card slots that support SDXC memory cards. It gives you enormous recording capacity and flexibility since in theory it is possible to store up to two terabytes of data on one SDXC card. The camcorder also supports continuous shooting that lets you record continuously for more memory by automatically continuing on the second card when the first is full, and double-track recording that lets you record on two memory cards simultaneously. Pre REC function always takes up three seconds in the memory buffer so you are always ready and never miss a spontaneous moment.

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