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Beats Solo HD is a pair of headphones in black design with quality components that deliver powerful and great sound quality.

Product Code: BTS900-00153-03

Key Features

  • Robust on-ear headphones, low weight
  • Advanced speaker drivers
  • Made for iPhone

More Information and Detailed Specifications

A headphone of high quality developed in collaboration with producer and Hip-Hop artist Dr. Dre. The partnership has developed a new series of headphones that gives you a new experience in how headphone's should sound.

Catch up on all the subtle nuances when listening to your favorite music. Through Beats Solo HD, you get the entire spectrum of sound delivered as studio engineers had intended. Enjoy the thunderous bass, thundering percussion, distinctive vocals and rich mid-tones without distortion. The extra-large speaker elements also improves the bottom bandwidth.

Beats Solo HD engineers place not one, but two speaker drivers in each earcup to achieve an even better sound that can be described as Hi-Fi quality.

The headphones are foldable so they are easy to pack in your purse, backpack or briefcase. The headphones are also compatible with the iPhone, so you can use the headphones as handsfree for your iPhone. The cord has a comfortable length of 130 cm.

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