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Compact external hard drive from SanDisk gives you up to 32GB of storage capacity with easy, wireless access and streaming.

Product Code: SDWS1-032G-E57

Key Features

  • 32 GB storage / SD card slot
  • Wi-Fi connection and mediastreaming
  • USB 2.0 connectivity and storage

More Information and Detailed Specifications

SanDisk Connect Wireless external hard drive comes in pocket size and is equipped with 32 GB of storage for all your multimedia content.

Wi-Fi or USB

Accessing content through Wi-Fi or via the USB interface. The wireless connection lets you access music, videos and photos from around the home.

SD card slot

Expand the storage capacity further by inserting an SD card via the integrated SD card slot.

Connect the hard drive to other devices: USB hard disk can easily be connected to your portable devices without the need for a router or internet connection. You can pair with up to 8 external device or stream 4 hours of content in HD resolution of up to 3 devices simultaneously. This way you can comfortable listening to music on your iPhone while the kids watch a movie in the next room.

Key Features

- 32 GB storage capacity
- SD card slot for expanding the storage capacity or download photos and videos from camera / camcorder
- Connects to and charging through USB 2.0 interface
- Li-ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of operating time after one full charge
- Wireless range up to 50 meters
- Free SanDisk mobile app for organizing the sharing of content (available for iPhone / iPad, Android and Kindle Fire devices)
- Optional Wi-Fi (WPA2) password protection
- Durable aluminum housing with convenient rubber coating on the bottom for firm grip to the surface.


- IOS devices 5.0 or higher
- Android devices 2.3 or higher
- Kindle Fire devices
- Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP
- Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

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