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Advanced D-ILA Home Theater Projector from JVC that delivers a very bright and full contrast picture in both 2D and 3D.

Key Features

  • 3D Ready Full HD Home Theater Projector from JVC
  • Achieves high image quality via JVC's D-ILA technology
  • Delivering 1300 ANSI lumens and 50,000 native contrast ratio

More Information and Detailed Specifications

D-ILA is JVC own production of liquid crystals bonded together with a silicone layer. Thanks to its excellent reflective property, the D-ILA technology is very effective for projecting a high-resolution 3D image. DLA-X35WE achieves a brightness of 1300 ANSI lumens, which provides a very good basis for a cinematic 3D experience.

JVC's exclusive 3-Chip D-ILA light engine provides the highest picture resolution in today's market with sharp and natural details. Improved pixel alignment ensures a very high contrast ratio and JVC's unique polarized wire grid reduces light leakage.

JVC X35WE delivers a good, stereoscopic 3D image, which along with Frame adressing image alignment, creates a professional 2D-3D conversion. An improved algorithm minimizes any double images, so called "crosstalk" in 3D view.

50,000: 1

Native contrast ratio creates very good dynamics in the picture where you see both the lightest and darkest areas of the picture.

Clear Motion Drive is an imaging technology that smoothes out the ambiguities for softer and smoother movement during movie playback. Find your own preferences with four modes to choose from.

Via a 2X motorized zoom lens, it is possible to set up the projector as close as 3 feet or as far away as 7 feet from your 100" projector screen. DLA-X35 has ± 80% vertical and ± 34% horizontal lens shift that offers great flexibility for installing the projector, as it allows you to adjust the projected image both horizontally and vertically.

The projector also has lens memory function so you can easily switch video sources from 21: 9 to 16: 9 without having to look at those annoying horizontal black bars above and below the image.

New application (app) to your iOS device (iPod / iPhone / iPad) transforms these into a full remote control with touch screen.

Active 3D glasses

Enjoy the stunning 3D function with the DLA-X35.

Note! Optional accessories such as 3D glasses and 3D transmitter must be acquired before one can make use of the 3D function. This is not included.

Included in the package

Remote Control
Power Supply
Instruction Manual