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The new Leica X takes exceptionally brilliant images with the combination of a new Leica Summilux 23mm f1.7 ASPH premium lens and a sensor that is particularly large for this camera class.

Product Code: 799429184414

Key Features

  • Timeless design - pure elegance
  • Exceptional bokeh
  • 23mm lens equivalent to the classical view of 35mm
  • Fast, accurate and near-silent autofocus
  • Full HD video function

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Versatility is further enhanced with a video function that delivers Full HD quality. Along with an extensive range of adjustment options and intuitive handling, that combines Leica Leica X iconic design and the joy of capturing unforgettable moments.

As is the case with all cameras in the X-series, the Leica X has a CMOS sensor in the professional APS-C format with 16.5 megapixel (effective 16.2 megapixels). In combination with the fast lens, you get maximum image quality with natural color reproduction and the finest detail.

Crop factor of the sensor is 1.5 compared to 35mm format. The viewing angle of the lens on the Leica X is therefore equivalent to that of a 35mm lens in full-frame, one of the classic focal lengths, making it extremely versatile and ideal for reportage photography.

Thanks to a very large aperture of f1.7, the lens delivers an exceptionally beautiful bokeh. It supplies rather bright, clear and sharp images - from infinity to its closest focusing distance of 0.2 meters.

Leica X is characterized by timeless elegance and clean design that focuses on the essentials. The materials are of the highest quality down to the smallest detail. Everything is metal - from the body and controls to the optimized thumb switch and lens cover. Front and back of the body is covered with a shell made ​​of magnesium, and the top deck and bottom plate of anodized aluminum. The camera is available in a discreet black version or in an elegant silver version with brown leather.

Leica X has clear features and a simple operating concept that offers an impressive range of automatic and manual setting options. Thanks to an easy way to switch between manual and automatic control, the photographer can concentrate fully on composing and selecting the decisive moment in any situation. The large, high-resolution screen in live vew mode gives full control in all situations.

Leica X opens up new creative horizons and a wide range of options, ranging from spontaneous snapshots to shooting in dark light. The fast, accurate and near-silent autofocus is ideal for spontaneous and discreet photography. The shutter is released as soon as the autofocus locked onto the subject. Manual focus with the focus ring on the lens offers an optimal symbiosis of technical skills and imaginative creativity. In addition, Leica X features Full HD video quality. The videos are recorded with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second and stored in the popular MP4 format.

A comprehensive range of equipment, accessories and bags are also available for Leica X. Such as the new Leica Digiscoping Adapter. This allows the use of X on Leica APO-Televid 82 and APO-65 spotting scopes. This gives photographers an opportunity to take pictures with a variable focal length of 850-3100 mm.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, a professional workflow solution for Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, is also included in the package. The software offers a wide range of functions for handling, processing and presentation of digital images. Leica X-customers can download the software for free from the Leica website after registering the camera.

Memory: SD / SDHC

Memory card not supplied

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