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3D Blu-ray player from Pioneer with a network port (Ethernet), 2 x HDMI outputs and advanced app for your tablet or smartphone.

Key Features

  • 3D Blu-ray player with DVD upscaling and SACD playback
  • iControl AV2 app makes your tablet into a remote control
  • PQLS ensures better signal / noise ratio

More Information and Detailed Specifications

 Pioneer BDP-450-K combines 3D technology and Super Audio CD playback with an attractive design and great usability.

3D in 1080p @ 24fps

Enjoy movies in true cinematic quality. Filmmakers shoot film at a speed of 24 fps (frames per second) and now you have the opportunity to enjoy the genuine format also in your own living room.

1080p HDMI upscaling

Your DVD movies are now given a make-over with improved image quality for a more detailed and nuanced picture in near HD quality. xvColor and Stream Smoother is also implemented so that you can enjoy higher resolution content from the Internet.

2 x HDMI Outputs

Connect this gorgeous Blu-ray Disc player to your HDTV and projector simultaneously and select the screen you want to experience a 3D Blu-ray movie on.

BD Live 2.0

Access a variety of extras from your Blu-ray movies via BD Live. Connect the player to the Internet and chat with others online, download additional material or receive news right home in your living room.

This flexible Blu-ray player lets you play your SACDs when Onsera to listen to your favorite artists with decent sound quality.

HD surround

3D Blu-ray player supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio so you can enjoy uncompressed, high-definition audio from Blu-ray discs. Pioneer has implemented its proprietary PQLS Bitstream technology for jitter-free transmission of uncompressed 2-channel or multi-channel LPCM.

iControl AV2 app lets you use your iPhone or Android phone as a full featured remote control for your Pioneer receiver. The app comes with a host of new settings and additional control over your receiver.

Ready for Wi-Fi

Via an additional and valgri WLAN adapter you can also connect the player to the dittt wireless home network for easy file streaming from PC.