Philips BDP2100

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BDP2100 is a slim and classic Blu-ray player from Philips that supports HD surround sound and upscales your older DVD movies to HD quality.

Key Features

  • Attractive and easy to use Blu-ray player from Philips
  • Upscale your DVD movies to HD quality
  • EasyLink controls various devices with 1 control

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Philips BDP2100 is an intelligent and user-friendly Blu-ray player that delivers a picture resolution in Full HD (1920 x 1080p). Your older DVDs are also upscaled to HD quality.

1080p HDMI upscaling

Practical function that improves picture quality from your DVD movies so that they can be enjoyed in HD quality. Enjoy more detail, a wider color palette and higher contrast level.

DivX Plus HD Certified

Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy downloaded content from the Internet without the need for compromise in image quality. DivX Plus HD lets you play the most common HD formats used today.

Subtitle Shift

Smart feature that lets you choose where you want to place the subtitles when watching a film. Very handy if you use the Blu-ray player on different screens that supports various display modes.

Supports HD surround sound

The sound is half the movie experience and this Blu-ray player supports the latest audio formats from DTS and Dolby Digital to provide a superior entertainment experience.

USB Media Player

Connect a USB memory and relive your memories, listen to music or watch your own video clips directly from your portable storage devices.

EasyLink (HDMI CEC)

EasyLink allows control your Blu-ray player with the TV's remote control. Requires that all devices are connected through an HDMI cable and are EasyLink compatible.