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JBL OnBeat is a dock for the iPod, iPhone and iPad with high quality sound and user functions.


Key Features

  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • AUX-input for other MP3 players
  • Quality sound for your enjoyment

More Information and Detailed Specifications

OnBeat is the first of JBL docking speaker that delivers realistic sound reproduction in high quality from your iPod, iPhone or iPad.


With the universal connector you can rotate the iPod and iPhone screen to portrait or landscape to get the best video display.


JBL OnBeat docking speaker comes with dual Phoenix transducers with computer-optimized DSP equalization which provides a very detailed sound. JBL docking speaker comes with 7.5W audio power that fills the room either playing songs or videos from your device.

IR Control

Infrared remote control lets you control the system functions and music navigation from across the room. It also allows charging of the device when it is placed in the docking speaker.

TV viewing

The optional composite cable allows the JBL docking speaker send video content to the TV, so everyone can follow along. (Cable not included in the package).

AUX Input

Connect to other portable devices such as MP3 players and PCs with AUX cable. (Cable not included in the package).

USB port

Syncing your iOS device with iTunes (cable not included). You have the option to download the associated applications such as alarm clock, browser for music and EQ interface from the iTunes store.

NB! iPhone/iPad not included!

Included in the package

- Remote control with battery
- Power supply and power cord
- Clip-on adapter for iPad, iPod and iPhone

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