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Nintendo 3DS XL provides great entertainment with 90% larger screen compared to the original Nintendo 3DS hand consoles.

Key Features

  • 90% larger screen than the original Nintendo 3DS
  • Two screens
  • Included 4GB SD card

More Information and Detailed Specifications


Nintendo 3DS has two screens, just like the other consoles in the Nintendo DS family. The bottom screen is touch-sensitive. The top screen is 90% larger than previous models and shows real 3D images without special glasses. The resolution is 800 x 240 pixels, 400 to each eye to create the 3D effect.

Buttons and joysticks

In addition to the familiar control junction and the six buttons found on previous Nintendo DS consoles, such as Nintendo 3DS XL analog joystick called the Circle Pad which gives you full control in 360 degrees, giving you the freedom and precision needed to play games in a 3D world.

Motion Control and gyro sensor

A built-in motion control and gyro sensor can react to the movements you make when you tilt the console, so if you turn the console from side to side or move it up or down, the motion-sensitive Nintendo 3DS games respond instantly.

Nintendo eShop

Will provide you with access to downloadable games, including Nintendo DSiWare and games and applications developed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS XL. With Nintendo 3DS XL comes with a 4 GB SD memory card for twice the storage compared with the original 3DS.

Battery Life

The new console has an improved battery power that lasts longer. Battery life is dependent on screen brightness. ATTENTION! Battery charger / AC adapter is not included and must be purchased separately.

Parental Control

A built-in parental controls allow parents to set limits on the functions of the console, such as the use of the Internet and certain network functions.

The package includes:

- Nintendo 3DS XL
- Rechargeable battery
- SD Memory Card 4GB