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Take your handheld gaming experience a step further with Nintendo 2DS and play your Nintendo 3DS games in 2D.

Key Features

  • Nintendo 2DS handheld console
  • Play 3DS games in 2D
  • New, robust design

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Nintendo 2DS is a handheld game console that gives you an amazing gaming experience. The console makes it easy to connect to friends via the Nintendo global network.

Play 3DS games in 2D

Nintendo 2DS is part of the Nintendo 3DS family so now you can get all your 3DS games in 2D. Dive into the Nintendo universe and discover Zelda, Mario, Star Fox, and more. You can also rediscover old DS games.

New design

2DS wild introduce a brand new design. The console has a fold in the middle, but it is still equipped with two screens. The new robust design makes this console ideal for younger users.


Nintendo 2DS has touch screens, microphone input and the + Control Pad. Circle Pad gives you full analog control in the game world.

Motion Control

Built-motion control and the gyro sensor is responsive to movement of the system. When you move the handheld console from side to side or up and down the Nintendo 3DS responds instantly.

Interior and exterior camera

using the internal and external camera, Nintendo 2DS captures real images that will have an effect in the game.

Included in the package:

- 4GB SD memory card
- Nintendo 3DS AC adapter