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Polar RC3 GPS is a user customized sports watch ideal for running and cycling. With a heart rate monitor it makes it easier to achieve your fitness goals and improve your body shape.

Key Features

  • Displays calories burned
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Integrated GPS

Polar RC3 GPS is a sports watch with integrated GPS which makes it easier to for you to improve your training regime. Keep the in optimal intensity zone and keep better track of your workout whether you jog, bike or swim. The watch even informs you about how long it will take to recover, based on age, weight and pulse after exercise.

Training features

Get feedback on your workout after the session and schedule future sessions to reach the desired goal. This sports watch from Polar keeps track of progress and analyze your fitness based on weekly routines and results. You can create a training program online and upload it on the watch.

Effectiveness Overview

On the basis of pulse and speed the watch will analyze your Running Index which shows you the degree of effort needed to run the same distance.


The watch will display an estimated calorie consumption during your workout based on age, weight, height, gender and pulse.

Integrated GPS

Watch displays distance, routes and speed.