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Philips A3PRO0 are professionals around ear headphones that offers accurate sound reproduction, superior soundproofing, durability and comfortable fit.


Key Features

  • Professional around-ear DJ headphones
  • Superior soundproofing
  • Comfortable fit, durable design

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Philips A3PRO around-ear headphones are designed in collaboration with the famous DJ and music producer Armin Van Buuren for professional DJs. Listen to perfect sound reproduction without distracting outside noise - even in circumstances with a lot of sound.

50mm speaker elements

A3PRO is equipped with 50 mm speaker elements designed for 3000 mW from any source. You can expect clear, dynamic sound without distortion even when the headphones on their maximum volume setting.

Superior soundproofing

With a closed design and supra aural-ear cushions these headphones isolate your ears from the sounds of the outside world - so you can focus on your music listening without interference or distractions.

Earcups that can be rotated 90° degrees

Earcups on A3PRO can be rotated 90° - so you can listen to music with one ear while mixing tunes. Rotating the ear cups are also convenient in everyday situations when you temporarily want to listen to what is happening around you.

Durable Headphones

Philips A3PRO combines robust design with exceptional fit. With its anodized finish and rugged, yet lightweight structure in aluminum these headphones are the perfect companion for any active DJ environment. They can also be folded back for easy transport and storage.

Comfortable fit

The material in headphones are carefully selected to ensure lasting comfortable fit and good sound reproduction. With cushions ear cups with breathability it ensures you can wear them a long time on your head in absolute comfort.

Expandable cable

Get more freedom to move thanks to the headphones long cable length of 1.4 meters which can be extended to 1.8 meters. The coil reduces the load on the parts that are exposed when you pull on the cable.

Included in the package

- 1.8 meter cable
- 3.5 to 6.3 mm adapter plug
- Storage Unit

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