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Norton Security with Backup offers comprehensive and flexible protection for up to 10 devices such as PC, Mac or mobile. Save up to 25 GB in the cloud for secure backup.

Key Features

  • Good antivirus protection
  • Backup online
  • For up to 10 devices

Norton Security with Backup is designed to protect your digital life - no matter what device you use. The advanced Norton software protects your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone from malware, spyware and other threats online. You can easily protect up to 10 devices for the entire family and add protection to new devices when needed. You will also have the opportunity to save up to 25 GB in the cloud for secure backup of photos, movies and documents.

License for up to 10 devices. Choose between several languages.


- Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 (SP 1) / Vista (SP 1) / XP (SP 3)
- Mac OS X (current versions + 2 previous versions)
- Android 2.3 or later
- IOS 6 or later

About Norton

In recent years, Norton antivirus has been one of the best protection programs for PC devices. In PC Magazine (PC Mag), Norton received top marks in their tests year after year and has on several occasions been called the "Editors Choice". It stops the vast majority of viruses and often succeed in removing malicious codes from an already infected computer.

Norton protects all your devices

Norton is always developing new methods in stopping malicious software, and have therefore have developed an antivirus that protects all computers, tablets and mobile phones in the household. You can choose a version that only protects a single computer, but it only costs a little bit extra to protect 5-10 devices, and it is worth it because the threats to mobile phones and tablets is constantly increasing. Moreover, it is very convenient to use a single security solution instead of several.

What do you get?

If you buy Norton Security package, you get the following:

  • Comprehensive protection against viruses, trojans, spyware and any other malicious software.
  • A really good firewall. Blocks dangerous emails and alerts you to dangerous sites.
  • Available for both PC and Mac and both versions works on iOS and Android.


Norton Security is an excellent antivirus that provides you with complete protection across all devices. It is very effective at stopping all types of malicious codes and takes up very little of your computer's performance, in addition it is very easy to use.