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Sonos SUB subwoofer delivers extra bass for a complete listening experience. SUB offers wireless, one-button setup and seamless integration with the Sonos system.

Key Features

  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Easy setup
  • Extra bass

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Enrich sound with powerful bass with Sonos SUB. This wireless subwoofer connects easily to your Sonos system and can be placed wherever you want.

Strong Force

Two woofers are mounted with the front facing each other for a deep bass response without the hum.

Easy control

SONOS Controller app allows you to access all the music you love - all in one place. The app can be easily used with any device such as your smartphone, tablet or PC. (The app can be downloaded for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC).

Wireless one-button setup

There is no need for cables or other installation because you only need to press a button and follow the simple instructions on the App Controller, the system will automatically adjust the sound for a perfect balance between the subwoofer and the connected Sonos components so you can get a flawless listening experience.

Easy Internet connectivity for other products

SUB comes with two Ethernet ports to let you connect a set-top box, game console or network hard drive via Ethernet cable.