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Access a variety of applications on Net TV, Video-On-Demand and stream files from your PC can be viewed directly on the TV screen.

Key Features

  • Wireless connection of your TV to your home network
  • Easy setup via WPS protocol
  • Fast file transfer through Wi-Fi 802.11n standard

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Wireless USB adapter for your Philips TV that establishes a wireless connection between your TV and router for streaming content on your PC. Transmitter wirelessly through Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n) that provides up to five times faster throughput than previous standards.

Wi-Fi MediaConnect is projecting the image from the PC screen to the TV so you get a bigger display surface. Supports all formats on your PC. Philips VOD (Video On Demand) gives you a good selection of the latest and hottest films and old classics.