Samsung WAM751

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Samsung Multiroom Wireless Speaker WAM751 comes with modern design, good sound and stable wireless connection.

Key Features

  • Wireless Speaker
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Dual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC

More Information and Detailed Specifications

Samsung WAM751 is a wireless speaker that lets you customize your music around the home. Whether it acts as a single speaker in one room, or as a facility for two rooms or any room in your home, it's easy to listen to your favorite music.

Flexible Speaker

The speaker Multiroom not only has an attractive design, but also a flexible design. The unique triangular design allows you to place the speaker wherever you want. You can place the speaker horizontally or vertically for two speakers distinguish between the right and left audio.

Superior Quality

Multi Room comes with several smart technologies that provide superior sound quality. Including five innovative component speakers. Woofer provides deep, room-filling bass, the advanced midrange elements delivers vivid, lifelike sound reproduction and tweeters provide bright, clear tones.

Connect the Hub and several speakers in the home

This is when you connect Multiroom and more speakers to the wireless transmitter (Samsung Multi-Room Wireless Audio Hub. NB Sold separately!) The wireless transmitter allows you to connect to the speakers from around the home and allows you to take full control over your music playback.

Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and NFC

NFC and Bluetooth offer direct wireless access to your compatible devices. Simply add your compatible device (mobile, PC, tablet) to the Multiroom to pair the devices. Bluetooth handles wireless music transfer to your wireless speaker.

TV Sound Connect

Improving sound quality on your TV without the need for cables. Connect the Multiroom easily to your TV Sound Connect Ready Samsung TV, so the TV sound can be upgraded with enhanced sound.

Dual Band Wi-Fi

With double the bandwidth you get stronger signal - for optimal sound experience. Streaming music either to a single speaker or multiple speakers in the home.

Other Features

- Remote App - This app allows you to easily control your music from your mobile
- Drag & Drop to play

Included in the package

- Getting Started Guide
- NFC Sticker
- Vertical footrest
- Power cable