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Viral Tech is a one-man band website that features buying and technical advice on a host of tech related products, whether it's hardware, software or online services.

I started this website as a hobby after a long interest in tech and everything Internet related, and share my experiences and knowledge when testing new things and the frustrating and bamboozling problems that arise when doing so. Through my years of experience I have learned what to look out for when buying a new tech product or how to write a how-to guide on the latest software or online service, which can be anything from editing photographs to downloading music.

While Viral Tech's main focus is technology, the website also focuses on other subject matters, such as general do-it-yourself guides and tips and tricks around the home.

I've tried to make navigation of this site as easy as possible with everything laid out in its own category and subcategory. For example, if you're looking for some photo editing advice, then you can click on the "digital images" page and find comprehensive advice on how you can spice up your photos or share them online. If software or online services is more of your thing, then you can find hundreds of different pages with advice on anything from using a web browser, maintaining your PC or staying safe on the World Wide Web through the technical advice menu.

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