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Ever since I was a child I have always loved tech products. Sure, they can drive you mad at times, especially computers, but let's face it, we couldn't live without them, in this day and age.

I acquired my 1st proper personal computer in early 2000 when the Internet was very young and only available with 56K download speeds. Websites were fairly basic and things like video or music streaming were practically non-existent.

Thankfully the Internet evolved rapidly and before you knew it broadband with speeds of up to 512k were freely available. 512k doesn't sound very fast, but it enabled the World Wide Web to totally transform itself. Long download times were dramatically cut and a host of music and video streaming services were now readily available.

And now, in the present day most of us can enjoy an average minimum broadband speed of 8 megabytes per second or more. And if you're lucky enough to live in a fibre enabled area, you can get broadband speeds in excess of 70 megabytes per second. Oh, and let's not forget it's also wireless.

I made this website so I could share my experiences and knowledge when it comes tech related products. I'm always looking at and buying tech gadgets which could be anything from a pair of headphones to the latest antivirus software. Yeah, I know antivirus software isn't particularly interesting, but if you have a computer and use the Internet, you definitely need it.

This website is very much split into 2 sections, one being hardware, the other being software. Hardware is essentially physical products, and I love showcasing features, specifications, buying guides and even the odd review when a new product catches my eye. Software is my personal favourite because it brings a computer and other devices to life where you can do virtually anything from editing photographs, building a website or even have a video chat with your best friends on your tablet or smart device. Oh, and many software programs can also be completely free.

Since I use a computer virtually every day, software is both my friend and my enemy, especially when those pesky bugs start making my life hell. But on the plus side, once a problem arises, it gives me the opportunity to fix it myself and then share my experience with my readers.
In short, with the Viral Tech website you can find:
  • Features, specifications and reviews on hundreds of tech products.
  • Buying advice on common household tech such as TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • How-to guides on a wide range of software and Internet products.
  • Find recommended software programs from antivirus to VPNs.
  • Learn what those technical terms mean thanks to our electronic glossary.
  • Find out the latest goings-ons in the tech industry with our news blog.

If you need a little bit of help and are not quite sure where to begin, then why don't you browse the menu in the top header, or use the search facility. Or if you would like a chat, or have a specific question, then why don't you contact me personally. I promise I do not bite.
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