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How to Add a Text or Image Watermark/Logo in PowerDirector

Uploading home-made videos to social sites such as YouTube has never been more popular, but to give your videos that polished look video editing software is essential.

One of my personal favourites is PowerDirector, which offers a good number of features while remaining reasonably priced.

PowerDirector is now in its 15th version and allows home PC users to import and edit their videos, music and images. Whether or not you're into complex editing a good feature to have is the ability to add a watermark/logo to your video before you upload it to the Internet.

Unfortunately, there is no direct feature that allows you to add a watermark/logo within PowerDirector, but the process of making and adding one is actually quite simple.

In this guide were going to give you instructions on how to add both a text or image watermark to your videos.
How to Add a Text Watermark
For this guide, I'm using PowerDirector version 14, though, the process should be pretty much the same in any version since the layout has hardly changed.

1. Open PowerDirector and select Full Feature Editor.

2. Click on the T, also known as the "Title Room" (F7) on the left-hand side of PowerDirector. Next step is to click on "Custom" from the submenu and then select "Create a new title template" which is located at the top. Once you click on create a new title template, you'll be given the option to create a 2-D or 3-D title. In this guide we have chosen a 2-D title.

3. Once you select a 2-D or 3-D title option, a new box will open and you should see a piece of text titled "My Title". Its this piece of text that we want to edit to our desired title, such as ©

4. Once you change the My Title text to your desired title we can then add some options, such as the text size, style, and colour, et cetera. All these options can be selected from the left-hand side, while the text tab is selected. For example, a good text size is 18, a good colour is white and a good text font is Elementary Heavy SF. You can also choose things like font shadow, border and reflection, and the choice is totally up to you. You can also choose the effect and motion tabs from the left-hand side, though, to keep things simple we will avoid these in this guide as you can easily add these effects once you add your watermark to the track timeline.

5. Once you're satisfied with the look of your desired text watermark you then want to position it correctly. For example, most watermarks either go down in the left or right-hand bottom corner, though of course its completely up to you where you position it. You do this by hovering your mouse pointer over the desired text until you see the 4 arrow symbol, which then allows you to drag it to the desired location.

6. Once you're happy with the look and location simply click on the "Save" button and give it a unique name, such as Viral Tech Watermark. Once saved, your text watermark will retain its look and position and can be accessed from the custom submenu every time you select Title Room (F7), rather than repeating the same process over and over again.

7. To add the text watermark to your video simply select it from your custom submenu as just previously mentioned and drag it to the timeline track where the video is stored. If you need more timeline tracks simply right click on one and select "add tracks". Once the watermark text is added you can then adjust its time duration by dragging it forward and backwards to suit your video.

8. Once you're happy with your video you can click on the "Produce" button and start the video processing process where your watermark will be applied to your video and save to your computer.
How to Add a Image Logo
The process of adding an image logo to a video with PowerDirector is very similar to the above process with just a few minor differences.

Before you begin, you will need a ready-made logo or you'll have to create one using either a web or desktop-based software. The logo should ideally have a transparent background for it to look natural and blend in with the video. If you have a logo, but it has a solid white or other coloured background you can use the "Chroma Key" in PowerDirector to remove it. I'll explain how you can do this further down the line.

1. Open PowerDirector and select Full Feature Editor.

2. Click on the "PiP Objects Room" (F5) on the left-hand side and select "Custom" from the submenu. Then click on "Create a new PiP object from an image" at the top. You'll then be given the option to add a image from your computer to PowerDirector.

3. Once you've added an image a new window will open with several options to edit it. As previously stated, if you've added an image with a white or other solid coloured background you can easily remove this using the "Chroma Key" which is located on the left-hand side. Simply put a tick in the box and use the eye dropper to select the colour you want to remove. If you want to add any other effects, such as shadow, reflection, border or opacity you can do so via the other settings on the left-hand side.  

4. Once you're happy with your image logo you can now resize it by dragging on the corners and place it in its permanent position, such as the bottom right or left-hand corner. Once that's complete, you can click on the "Save" button and give your logo a unique name such as Viral Tech Logo. That image logo will now retain its style and position every time its selected.

5. To add your image logo to your desired video simply select it from the custom submenu within the PiP objects room and drag it to your timeline track. Just as with the text watermark you can adjust the time duration by dragging it forward and backward.

6. Once you're happy with everything simply click on the "Produce" tab and start the video processing process to add the logo image to your video, which will then be saved on your computer.

That is basically it. You can now select your custom-made text watermark or image logo either from the Title Room or PiP objects room and add it to any of your videos to help protect them from being stolen or to promote your brand.
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