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Choosing the Right Laptop

Laptops are so versatile that you can do virtually anything on them, such as play games, surf the Internet or even edit your holiday photos.

But trying to understand which is the right one for you can be very confusing, especially if you have little or no experience with them.

Therefore it is vital to understand exactly what you need unless you could end up spending far too much or far too little a laptop that just doesn't suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for a cheap laptop, gaming laptop, notebook, netbook, tablet pc (laptop and tablet all in one), an ultrabook or anything else in between, in our shop you will find the latest models.
Screen Size
One of the issues that matter most to users when choosing which laptop to buy is the size of the screen. The most sought after are the 13-inch, 17-inch and 15.6-inch laptops, which is usually the common medium size, although other sizes are available.
Screen Resolution
Screen resolution is also mightily important. If you intend on watching lots of high definition contents, then you want a 1080p HD display. If you're looking to play the latest 4K games or watch 4K movies, then you want something that supports 4K. 4K displays are usually only found on high-end gaming laptops, but will appear on cheaper middle of the road laptops in time.
Another important consideration when comparing laptops is the power of the processor. Computer processors usually come from two major manufacturers, AMD and Intel. If you do not need a super powerful processor, choosing a laptop with a low end processor, such as a Intel Celeron will be suitable for most daily tasks. If gaming and video processing is your thing, you want the best processor available, such as the Intel i7 or AMD A10.
Most laptops these days come with at least 4 GB of RAM, which is suitable for for most tasks, but you will require 6 to 8 GB if you are a heavy user who runs multiple programs at once. If you're a gamer, then you want as much RAM as possible. Most gaming laptops come with at least 8 to 16 GB, which can usually be upgraded even further, if needed.
Graphics Card
If you intend on playing the latest games at the highest resolution, then you will also need a dedicated graphics card. All laptops will have an integrated graphics card, but these are quite basic and are not capable of running the latest games at the highest resolution, if at all. A dedicated graphics card is not cheap but is absolutely essential if you are serious gamer who wants the game to look as beautiful as possible.
How much space do you need? If you're somebody who likes storing all your digital photos and videos on your laptop then you want a hard drive as big as possible. The same can also be said if you're a gamer, as games can be as large as 50 GB and above. Most laptops are equipped with the standard hard disk drive (HDD), which is a series of magnetic spinning discs that stores your data. However, there is a new kid on the block called the solid-state drive (SSD), which contains no moving parts and can read and write data at incredibly fast speeds. SSD drives at the present moment are considerably more expensive than the standard hard drive, and are only usually found on high-end machines, but as prices fall, they will appear in more reasonably priced laptops. Most laptops come with a hard drive capacity of 500 GB to 2 TB.
Another important factor when choosing the right laptop is the number and type of connections it has. It is important to see if you have a HDMI or VGA video output, or the number of USB ports and whether they are the new and faster 3.0 type, rather than the slower 2.0 USB ports.
Weight and Size
Finally, when deciding on a laptop its weight and thickness is mightily important. Generally, the more power a laptop packs the bigger and heavier it will be. If you're looking for a ultra lightweight PC, that is easily portable with a long battery life, then the superthin notebooks will be right up your alley.

Don't forget, you can find all kinds of useful laptop accessories including bags, briefcases, backpacks and chargers.
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