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Calling Timeout. Google Has Killed This Blog

Viral Tech
Published by in Google · 25 January 2018
Tags: Google
There hasn’t been much action on this blog recently, in fact, the last post was made in late December 2016.

You may ask why? Simply, there’s no point in updating this blog while it’s receiving next to no organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

This blog does (or did) focus on current tech news, rather than evergreen subject matters. There is simply no point in blogging about something when it has a very short lifespan and needs to be read by readers within the first few weeks or months.

Writing just one short blog post can easily take up an hour or so of my time, and I’m simply not going to do that anymore, while Google and its broken algorithm practically ignores my hard work.

Viral Tech’s main website, featuring tech related how-to guides is still updated, but is also in a precarious position because of a lack of search engine traffic.

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