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Google Decides to Pull the Plug on Its Social Media Platform, Google Plus

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Published by in Software · 15 October 2018
Tags: Google
After low user engagement and the discovery of a software error, that potentially exposed the data of hundreds of thousands of its users, Google has decided to pull the plug on its social media platform.

In March this year, roughly the same time as the Facebook Scandal with Cambridge Analytica, Google discovered a bug in the Google+ Social Network API. The error has allowed third party developers to access potentially sensitive data. And this is not localised to users who had granted permission, but also their friends.

Following a disclosure in the Wall Street Journal, Google has now acknowledged on its own blog that the software error could have affected up to half a million accounts. Up to 438 different third-party applications could have gained access to private information due to the error. However, the company doesn't know for sure if this is the case.

Google intends to close down the service by August 2019 for individuals while retaining the corporate version. It's not a big loss to Google, as the service has always been seen as a failure, with low user figures and engagement.

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