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New Technology to Detect Malicious Drone Users

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Published by in Software · 1 October 2018
Tags: Drone
AT&T and Dedrone, a newly established San Francisco based company, are working together to create a new technology for detecting malicious drones. This is intended to protect military bases, public places, cities, prisons and anything at risk from drones.

Drones have become unbelievably popular in recent years and this has led to many irresponsible and malicious drone users. According to the US aviation authority, about three million drones were sold worldwide in 2017, and the number is expected to grow year-on-year.

Drones are now a popular choice for criminals to smuggle drugs and contraband into prisons. Drones are also a menace to airports with hundreds of near misses involving passenger planes every year, and the technology has recently been used in a assassination attempt of the president of Venezuela.

Dedrone detects drones of all kinds, including personal and military variants. The Airspace Dedron Platform uses IoT sensors and LTE connections to detect, classify and locate potential threats.

“Physical security and cybersecurity are equally important when safeguarding an entire ecosystem,” said Michael Zeto, Vice President and General Manager of Smart Cities, AT&T. “Malicious drones pose an aerial threat for the community, for businesses and for the people that live and work there. With Dedrone, we’re helping to protect customers and citizens from this type of risk.”

The software-based platform identifies potentially dangerous drones using radio frequency, visual means, radar and other sensor data. If a drone enters sensitive or banned airspace an alarm is triggered to warn security personnel who can take action.

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