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PewDiePie Takes Narcissism to a Whole New Level

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Published by in YouTube · 9 December 2016
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That terrible news I brought you several days ago, actually has turned out to be terrible news because YouTube vlogger, PewDiePie, didn’t delete his YouTube channel that earns him millions every year after all.

Instead, the Swedish born Internet celebrity deleted a second and presumably lifeless YouTube channel in his ownership. Oh boy, I bet you didn’t see that coming!

On 2 December, Perez Hilton (sorry, I mean PewDiePie) posted a video tantrum on YouTube in which he accuses the video sharing website of killing his channel because they’ve made some alterations to their algorithm, which now actively promotes click bait and soft porn videos, rather than a grown man screaming and swearing while playing yet another videogame.

In fact, PewDiePie was really upset his videos were barely exceeding the 2 million views mark, when in the past, they would reach 5 million with ease. Now, I’m no expert, but if I had to weigh up the option of a Google/YouTube algorithm change or PewDiePie predominantly young fan base either growing up or moving onto better more interesting things, I would probably choose the second possibility as the cause for the dwindling numbers.

Though I’m sure PewDiePie will try to play down this whole “channel closing” thing as nothing more than a prank, it will be interesting to see whether Google/YouTube take any action against him as after all, he has artificially inflated his channel numbers by deliberately deceiving people by asking them to subscribe to his “main” channel not the second channel he shut down.

Whatever happens in the near future, the fact that so many people did subscribe to PewDiePie’s main channel in such a short time, isn’t a sign of his popularity, but that people were really hoping/praying that a rather dull, uninspiring and attention seeking YouTuber would finally call it a day.

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