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PewDiePie Throws a Tantrum and Threatens to Quit YouTube

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Published by in YouTube · 3 December 2016
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Terrible news. PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, is threatening to quit the world’s biggest online video sharing site, YouTube.

I know, if you’re over the age of 16, you’re probably thinking who gives a monkeys? Well, in a strange and somewhat funny video (from a normal person point of view), PewDiePie seems to have the hump with YouTube because they’ve jiggled things around and he isn’t getting as many views as he used to.

In fact, he seems to be in complete meltdown that he isn’t even getting 2,000,000 views on average. Yes, folks, (insert sarcasm) his videos can even reach a pathetic 2 million views.

PewDiePie, who reportedly makes a very healthy 8 million pounds per year from his videos that he’s published over the last several years, isn’t actually claiming he will completely leave YouTube but will delete his current channel when he reaches fifty million subscribers in protest against YouTube who he claims are slowly killing his channel.

Quite why he will only delete his channel once it reaches fifty million subscribers doesn’t really make much sense, but since PewDiePie thrives on attention, he was never going to go quietly, that’s if he goes at all.

I’m no fan of Google, who own YouTube, but PewDiePie latest video is extremely self-centred and just reeks of narcissism, especially when you consider that there are thousands of people who work unbelievably hard producing quality interesting videos for YouTube, yet struggle to get even a thousand views per year.

I have my doubts whether PewDiePie will really delete his current channel, and the latest video is probably nothing more than a cry for more attention. Also add the fact that his channel will easily make several million per year for the next several years in passive mode alone, he would be unbelievably stupid to so.

If he doesn’t want the money, then perhaps it would be a good idea to keep the channel active and split the profits to several different charities.

In all honesty, PewDiePie has had a great run for the last five or six years on YouTube and has made silly amounts of money from uploading pretty basic uninspiring videos. The real reason his channel is slowly reducing in size is because his predominantly young fan base (also known as the Bro Army) are growing up and are no longer interested in a grown man in his mid-or late 20s who likes swearing and screaming while playing videogames.

After all, YouTube is massive and contains a wealth of fantastic videos that are made by both amateurs and professionals, not just crappy, let’s play videogames dweebs.

You can watch the video at the following link –

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