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The Snazzy Looking Blue Yeti Nano USB Microphone

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Published by in Hardware · 29 August 2018
Tags: Microphone
A brand-new, slimmer version of the popular Yeti microphone will make it easy for Youtubers and podcasters to record and stream audio via their PC.

The audio technology company Blue has extended its range of USB microphones with a brand-new compact and sleeker desktop model of the larger Yeti model called Nano. The new model also produces studio quality sound, suitable for recording podcasts and for Youtube and other videos, but also great for Skype and video calls in the home or office.

Yeti Nano comes equipped with two condenser microphone capsules specially designed to ensure your voice is recorded in the highest possible quality. The microphone supports a bit depth of 24 and a sampling rate of 48 kilohertz, as well as several different programs and control systems. The control button on the microphone can be used to switch between two different recording patterns, for one or more audio sources.

Yeti Nano is available in four colours, which include gray, clear blue, mineral red and gold, and can be purchased from the end of August from all major tech retailers. Prices will start at around £90 to £100, depending on which retailer you buy it from.

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