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Viral Tech Has a New Look

Viral Tech
Published by in News · 7 September 2018
Over the past three months or so, I've been busy completely rebuilding and transferring this website over to a new software program. Viral Tech was originally built using ShopFactory V9 and then later version 10 and 11.

However, there were too many limitations with this software program, and the pricetag was far too hefty. That's why I decided, after long deliberation to transfer this website over to a new software program called Website X5. Unfortunately this wasn't a straightforward transfer, but instead everything had to be built from the ground up, adding pages one by one, along with images, links and meta tags.

I've deleted a lot of out-of-date contents, but there are still over 200 pages on the new website, with more to come. It's been a painstaking and stressful process adding so many pages, but there's finally light at the end of the tunnel.

With 95% of the work now complete Viral Tech is looking better than ever, with a smart new design while retaining simplicity.

Not every single page on the website may be error-free, with some links or pictures missing, but these will be added within the coming weeks.

You will also find because we've moved to a new software program, the URL structure has completely changed meaning many of the links indexed in Google and other search engines will return a 404 error. These pages may take some time to be re-indexed by search engines, but can still be found through the site menu or search option.

Feel free to browse the new website and leave a comment in the comment section if you like the new look, or have any suggestions.

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