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How to Cast Adult Websites to ChromeCast, such as xHamster, XVIDEOS and Spankbang

Up until autumn 2017, I was able to cast virtually any video straight from Microsoft's web browser, Edge, to my smart television, until a stupid update sometime in the autumn of 2017, which broke this feature on all my smart TVs in my home.

With no fix in sight, I decided to invest in a Google ChromeCast, which is a little dongle that plugs into your HDMI port on your TV, and uses either a USB cable or a plug as is power source.

This works very much in the same way as Microsoft Edge once worked, by using the Google Chrome web browser to browse video sharing websites and by selecting the cast option from the menu, which then sends the video straight to your ChromeCast device.

ChromeCast, however, only officially supports certain websites, and doesn't give you the cast option on the video toolbar on some of the world's most popular adult websites, such as xHamster, XVIDEOS, Spankbang and many more.

There is an option to play the video within the Chrome browser and then mirror the entire browser to your ChromeCast device. This however is extremely intensive on your PCs resources, and will soon drain your battery in next to no time.
How to Cast a Video URL Directly to ChromeCast
There are a couple of free extensions available on the Google Chrome web store that allow you to extract a video URL and cast it directly to ChromeCast.

The best one in my opinion, is called CastBuddy, and detects video URLs when browsing video sharing websites. This won't work with all video sharing websites, as some encrypt the URL, or ChromeCast does not support the file format.

It does, though work on the majority of the worlds most popular adult websites.
Installing CastBuddy
This tutorial is for a Windows PC only. CastBuddy isn't available for Android or Apple devices, unfortunately, though you can use similar apps such as Cast Web Video or Tiny Cast.

First, make sure you have the Google Chrome web browser installed on your PC, then visit the CastBuddy extension webpage.

Simply follow the instructions on the page to add it to the Chrome web browser. This should take less than 20 seconds and once completed, you should see a little icon in the top right-hand corner on the Chrome toolbar.

How to Cast Adult Sites Using CastBuddy
Because the procedure is slightly different for each individual site, I'm gonna focus on a couple of the biggest adult sites available and offer a step by step guide on each one.
XHamster can be quite tricky to use with CastBuddy, and as far as I can tell you cannot use it to stream HD videos. Basically, that's all the videos that have a HD logo on them. But you can use it to stream standard definition videos.

Simply head over to XHamster and select a video of your choice. Before you select the CastBuddy option from the Chrome browser first play the video in your browser, and then select the CastBuddy icon.

You'll then be presented with a massive list of URLs, sometimes as many as 15 or 20. Most of these are video thumbnails, which are basically short videos that are being promoted.

Ignore all the video thumbnails and look for a video URL which has h264.mp4 in it. Sometimes this can be found at the bottom, though it could be located anywhere.

Once you locate the h264.mp4 video URL simply select the cast option and the video should be sent to your ChromeCast device.

Just like XHamster, it appears you cannot stream every single video on XVIDEOS with CastBuddy, however it does seem to work on the majority of SD and HD videos.

XVIDEOS is far less complicated and you don't generally have to play the video to detect the video link. Simply select a video and click on the CastBuddy icon and it should display a couple of video URLs. Usually it's the top link with in the URL.

I'm not particular familiar with Spankbang, but after testing their doesn't appear to be any limitations on what videos you can stream from their free selection.

Like XVIDEOS, it's fairly straightforward to cast videos using CastBuddy. Choose a video of your choice, and then select the CastBuddy icon to reveal the video URLs.

Look for the video URL which has mp4 in it. There may be several of these, but these are usually the same video, but in different video qualities.

Controlling the Video
Whatever site you are using, once the video starts playing CastBuddy will give you the option to fast forward or go backwards from the top toolbar timeline. You can also enable this option by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of Chrome and then select "cast", which will display the video being played with the option to pause, fast forward and rewind.

Once the video has started playing on your TV through the ChromeCast device, you can close your web browser, or even turn your computer off and the video will continue on playing.

That's it.

Update: CastBuddy may stop working from time to time, especially after a Chrome update. If you find you can't get it to work, I've also written a guide on some alternatives which can be found at the following page.

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