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Choosing the Right MP3 Player

Since their appearance on the market in the early 2000s, digital music players have successively laid to rest the Walkman cassette, portable CD and MD players (Mini Disc).

Having a portable music player, more commonly known as a MP3 player, is about as popular as owning a mobile phone. With these super compact devices it is possible to have your entire music collection inside your pocket.

Exactly what MP3 player you should buy, is not always an easy process. What should you look for? What features should it have? Below we give you some simple advice.
1. What are the different types of MP3 players?
There are three types: Those with fixed internal memory, removable memory, and players with a built-in hard drive. The last has the greatest storage capacity, but is more expensive than larger memory-based players.
2. What characterizes a good MP3 player?
Solid build quality, good sound and easy operation. The latter also applies to the software that you use on your PC or Mac.
3. What should I be aware of when I buy an MP3 player?
First and foremost, make sure the storage capacity is large enough for your needs. Also, pay special attention to how long the batteries last, what compression formats it supports, and that it contains all the accessories you need in the box.
4. Should I select flash memory or a hard drive?
Flash memory is an advantage if you don't need a great deal of storage capacity, or want a player that is as small as possible. Hard drive MP3 players are ideal for those who need a lot of space for music, photos and in some cases video.
5. What features should a good MP3 player have?
Having tone controls or an equalizer is a big plus. Also having a backlit display is an advantage and the ability to save playlists, which enables you to put together music that you can exercise or relax to.
6. What connectivity options should a good MP3 player have?
Besides headphones, it must have a USB connection for Mac and PC, as well as charging connector.
7. How can I evaluate the sound quality?
Get a demonstrated in an electrical store with music that has not been compressed down to 128 kbps, but is at 256 kbps, which will   provide  a better sound quality. Also, try it out with better headphones or earbuds than those supplied.
8. How much should an MP3 player weigh and what is the ideal size?
It depends entirely on your needs. Memory-based players are rarely over 50 grams, while the hard drive models usually don't weigh more than about 150 grams.
9. How do I install my music collection onto a MP3 player?
MP3 players will come with software that you can use on your PC or Mac that will enable you to convert and install your music onto your player. You can also download many free MP3 applications from the Internet which will also do the same job.

If you buy music online, or copy from a CD, you can transfer songs to the player, with click and drag software. Remember to choose the compression quality first.
10. Can I buy a MP3 player with a radio function?
Yes, there are players with built-in radios and it is also possible to buy radio modules that can be connected to players that do not have a radio built-in.
11. How should the navigation system work?
It should work as simple as possible. You should be able to switch to the next song with just a single press of a key and be able to select other albums in a simple manner.
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