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Remove Unnecessary Files and Junk from Your PC

CCleaner is a program that allows you to uninstall programs and remove temporary files that accumulate when using Windows. The program will thoroughly search for unwanted files, but you can choose what is being removed. This can make Windows both faster, and provide extra storage space on your computer.

The benefit of cleaning in this way is that you get more space on your PC, plus the program can be used to remove sensitive user information, such as browsing history and so on.
Download CCleaner
You can download CCleaner from the official website - The program is available in several versions, including a version that is completely free. A new version (version 5.6) of CCleaner is now ready for download. This supports the browser Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 Technical Preview. It also provides better support for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
Before you get started
Please note that CCleaner is quite thorough when it scans for unwanted files, and it may therefore be wise to backup your important data before you run the program. In addition, you may want to create a restore point.
How to use CCleaner
CCleaner is divided into four tabs: Cleaner, Registry, Tools and Options.

Deletes various files that have been collected while using Windows. It will clean temporary Internet files, cookies, and other temporary files.

You can also choose between two tabs: Windows and Programs, which can be used to select files to be removed. Behind the Windows tab you will find applications that are built into Windows, while behind the Applications tab you can find third-party applications.

It is you who decides what files are removed, just tick what you want to be removed and press the Run CCleaner button.

Cleaner function will not remove actual programs, but only temporarily data that is collected while using your computer.

The removal of files happens automatically, after you press the Run CCleaner button, but you should be aware that you may not want all files to be removed. For example it removes cookies, and therefore your browsing history and other data will be gone.

If you want to preserve cookies, simply uncheck "Cookies" for the browser you are using, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and so on.
Makes it possible to clean the registry in Windows. Press Scan For Issues, and then click Repair when the program is finished with the search.

You get a chance to back up the Registry just in case something goes wrong by using this feature. You have the option to restore the registry by right-clicking on the .REG file (and select "Merge") that was created, but only if you chose to back up the registry. REG file are stored in the My Documents folder in Windows.

You may want to use the Register function after you have removed one or more programs from your PC, because traces of the file remnants will be present in the registry.

There are some who believe that it can be dangerous to clean the registry, and this can be true. That is, if there are errors in the registry, this can have fatal consequences for Windows. The good news is that CCleaner clears automatically, and we have used this registry function for many years, and have never experienced failures.
Provides access to multiple opportunities. "Uninstall applications" is really the same as the built-in uninstall feature in Windows, but CCleaner is more detailed and can can remove multiple applications. Click on a relevant program in the list and select Run Uninstaller.

"Start-up" allows you to remove unwanted programs that start-up with Windows.

"Disc Analyser" allows you to scan your computer's hard drive and find which files are using this space.

"Duplicate Finder" allows you to find identical files that appear in several places simultaneously.

"System Restore" provides an overview of restore points in Windows.

"Drive Wiper" as the name suggests, this will wipe all the data from your computer. Only use this if you are selling your computer or are looking to restore it to a factory setting.
Provides access to settings for the program.

"Cookies" gives you complete control over cookies on your computer. You can optionally delete individual cookies, or all.

"Monitoring" is a function that assesses whether your PC is benefiting from CCleaner usage, ie it monitors the system and can inform you when your PC takes advantage of CCleaner.

"Advanced" gives you access to any additional setting and options.

"About" gives you information about the program itself.
Download Requirements

It supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and both 32-bit and 64-bit. And I'm sure soon as Windows 10 is released, it will also support that version.

CCleaner Free is recommended for most people, while Ccleaner Professional and Professional Plus is recommended for professionals.

You can during the installation of CCleaner choose various different languages. Note that the program will include adding a menu item in the context menu of the Windows Recycle Bin, but this can be deselect.
Improve CCleaner with CCenhancer
CCenhancer is a small utility that allows support for hundreds of additional programs.

CCenhancer user winapp2.ini system that is built into CCleaner program, so the functionality is extended for multiple applications. CCenhancer can be downloaded from
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