Your Profile Page

Your Profile Page

Your profile page is accessible by default to all users on Viral Tech. If you have allowed it, you can make your profile accessible to anyone on the Internet.

By default, only the following information is displayed on your profile page:

  • Your display name (or real name if you do not have a display name)
  • Your pages that are accessible to all people that can access your profile page
  • Your groups
  • Your Wall
  • Your friends

We advise you not to use your profile page as a portfolio, because you have no control over the information you place in your profile page. As a minimum, all users of Viral Tech have access to your profile. Remember to always consider your personal safety when you disclose information about yourself on a public page.

Once your profile page has been created, Google and other Internet search engines can index these pages. Even if you delete or deny access to these pages, the cached version in search engines will be accessible.

Your Profile area allows you to store personal and contact information. Each section of the profile can be considered as an individual output, that you can view independently on your profile page or any other page of your portfolio so you can control the amount and type of information you want to share with others about you.

About me

You must enter your full name. All other information is optional. Your name is visible to all other users of Viral Tech. You can also choose a different display name instead of your first name. You can change this information at any time, unless the administrator has blocked access.

  • First Name: Your real name
  • Your name: Your real last name
  • Preferred Name: The name that you prefer to be recognized on Viral Tech. If you specify a preferred name, your real name will be visible to administrators only.
  • Introduction: You can write a small paragraph introducing yourself. This text is placed automatically on your profile page.

Contact Information

All information you give here will be visible to other users only when you have added it to your profile page.

The e-mail address with which you registered on Viral Tech is displayed by default. You can add to your profile your other email addresses in order to use it in your portfolio.

When you add a new email address to your profile, please click the Save Profile button at the bottom of the page. Once added, it must still be checked. An email is then sent to that address with instructions to activate. After that, the address is permanently added to your account.


If you use chat or instant messaging you can insert your user name for each service on this page.